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Yeah, that's me and my baby!

If you don't like to read someones ramblings you can check out my "Eye Candy" page, its loaded with pics that are linked to the "how to" or "recipe" page.

A little about myself,

I have enjoyed cooking for most of my life and enjoy creating or as my wife would say "playing". What I enjoy most is creating recipes and trying new methods of cooking. I really try to think outside the box on some recipes, specifically appetizers. I am my worst critic and will post my honest opinion as well as others opinions on a recipe, good or bad.

I just wanted to point out that I have never attended culinary school but rate my self as a fairly decent cook. Every now and then I come up with a pretty good recipe, you know, one of those recipes where you say, "Dam I outdid myself", unfortunately these are few and far between but it does happen, sometimes I really fail as well.

I also love to take pictures, as you will see when exploring this site. I am a firm believer in the old phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Now, about the site,

I created this  website to document my "journey" and to organize everything in one place for future reference and to share my style of cooking with others and hopefully some that visit this site will benefit.

This site covers an array of cooking methods such as, Smoking, Pit Cooking, Grilling, Dutch Oven cooking, Cooking over a fire, Sous Vide Cooking, Schwenking and Crock pot Cooking. There is some technical stuff with builds and links if you are interested in building something of your own.

There's some pages on Pickling, Curing, Fermenting, Sauces, Dehydrating and vacuum sealing.

Some of the recipes, tips and techniques, are for a vertical cabinet style water smoker, you can click on “GOSM Big Block”, to go to my Blog that has a ton of info there about that particular smoker.

Some of the recipes, tips and techniques, are for a Reverse Flow Offset Pit that I built, affectionately named "Frankensmoker..."aka The Philadelphia Experiment", "Frank" for short.

You can click “Reverse Flow Stick Burner Build”, to see how it was made.

I want to point out to the Smoking enthusiasts that, when Pit Cooking, my goal is not to incorporate smoke flavor, this is a welcomed by-product of cooking with hardwood and I subscribe to the belief , "less is more", when cooking on my pit. So I refer to this as "Pit Cooking", but most just call it "Smoking".

If I want to infuse a smoke flavor I will usually use my GOSM, I usually use the GOSM for my appetizers as well.

The following is how I approach my cooking, this is not to say that this is everyone thought but rather my opinion.

  1. Smoking, desired outcome, to infuse smoke flavor into food product.
  2. Pit Cooking, my goal is not to incorporate smoke flavor but is a welcomed by-product of cooking with hardwood
  3. Grilling, cooking over direct heat or higher heat to achieve a Maillard Reaction, searing, charring etc...
  4. Cold Smoking, infuse smoke flavor into a food product without cooking.
  5. Low and Slow, desired outcome, to slowly cook product to render fat and break down connective tissue.
  6. Barbecue, to cook food indirectly with the use of hardwood coals (infusing smoke flavor is not the goal here but is a welcomed by product.

Some of the recipes on this site may be from others and I will post a link to them directly under the recipe title, if you try their recipe give them some feedback, I am sure they would appreciate it.

In most cases, I will post a link to where the recipe came from.

And remember, a recipe is only a suggestion, so feel free to tweak these recipes to your own individual tastes, that's what this site is all about.

There are millions of recipes and techniques on the World Wide Web , and this is another one of those sites.

Disclaimer Section:

All but a few of the photos on this website have been taken by me and are my property, if there's a photo that I did not take I will post that it is not mine and I will usually post who or where it came from. If you see a photo you want to use, please contact me at SQWIB@aol.com and in the subject line put SQWIBS PHOTOS.

There are also a couple drawings and clip art on this website that I did not create.

On this site you will find many links for Recipes, tips and various techniques, if I have linked to your site and want me to remove the link, please contact me at SQWIB@aol.com and I will be more than happy to remove the link.

If you find a dead link, please let me know so I can update the link.

Food Safety Disclaimer:

First off lets me touch on "Food safety"; it is up to you as the chef, to prepare, cook, serve and store your food safely, this is solely your responsibility.

Please use common sense, follow the proper food safety guidelines and proceed at your own risk when using any recipe or method on this website.

I will be posting links for food safety along with all kinds of links to recipes, forums, video tutorials, etc….

USDA Food Safety Fact Sheets.

I urge you to click on the USDA Website and read the fact sheets.

If you are looking for something specific for example; "chicken" or "pork loin" you can search this site with the "Search This Site" feature at the top of the page or use the navigation side bar to the left.

Also see the below attachments for a printable "Danger Zone" chart and other useful charts.

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