The Institute for Oswald Spengler Studies was founded in 2010 as an attempt on the part of several graduate students, professional academics, and private scholars interested in the study of Spengler's philosophy of history in a fashion befitting him as a scholar. It is the goal of the Institute to educate and inform both students and the general public about Spengler, his life and his work, as well as to divorce him from the fringe political groups and organizations who have appropriated and abused his legacy as a historian and a philosopher for their own private political designs.

The purpose of this site is to serve as a central location for information about Spengler, including a biography and scholarly articles dealing with his work and its applicability to contemporary scholarship. Over the next few months, we hope to establish a growing collection of short articles and reviews of Spengler's work as well as a short bibliography of works by and about Spengler by various Spengler scholars, including articles featured in academic journals as well as relevant books.

If you wish to submit an article to the site dealing with Spengler in relation to the Social Sciences or Humanities, if you wish to bring to our attention the existence of an already published article for our bibliography section, or if you wish to offer any comments or support of the Institute, please contact us at