Learning tips

    A good command of a foreign language consists of:
  1. ability to read
  2. understanding of spoken and written language
  3. ability to speak
  4. ability to write grammatically correctly
  5. ability to translate from a native language and back.
To learn how to read is comparatively easy. Listening and reading comprehension is much more difficult.  To be able to do so one needs knowledge of basic grammar and good vocabulary.  Ability to speak requires speaking practice.  In order to write correctly one needs a good command of grammar.  The last point implies fluency in both languages.  The tips below should help you with language course:
  • Establish a routine.The most successful learners are those who manage to set aside some regular time.

  • Do little and often rather than occasional big chunks.

  • Retell everything you read or listen to out loud, keep a diary and write in Russian about what you’ve read, watched or listened to.

  • They say that the best way to learn is to teach!  Find yourself a learning partner - you can encourage each other. Their support can be really helpful.   

  • In class make the most of pair work and role play: speak as much as possible within the time limit (you do not have all day!), make sure you can say it, not just read it; aim for natural speed, intonation and pronunciation.

  • Do not learn grammar (!!!).  Instead get a whole picture and then identify aspects that you need to study more thoroughly.

  • Practise!  Practise!  Practise!  Take pleasure in practising. It must not be tiring!

 If you've got a good learning tip, let me know and I will pass it on!