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Jun 2012



        The first AGM of the Community Shop Society was held on March 29th.  If you are a shareholder you will have received the provisional minutes and other information. At the AGM the shareholders confirmed the committee’s decision to make progress towards obtaining planning permission for a new shop building.  This step is being taken in order to make it easier to obtain grants and to reduce the workload later if the current shop/post office closes.  We now have the information we need to make a planning application.  Shareholders have already received some details of the proposed building and now The Society would like to ensure that as many Spaxton residents as possible are able to see the plans and comment on them before we go ahead. Of course, you will also have a chance to comment during the planning process.

        You can view some images of the proposed building on the "Proposed Building" pages; the key features are as follows

        The shop will occupy an area of 13 x 6.1 metres. 
        The current planned height will be less than 4 metres.
        The outside walls will  be rendered and coloured to match the hall. 
        The roofing material will imitate the tiles on the hall.
        The site will be next to the Village Hall car park as close as possible to the hedge near the road. 
        A covered veranda with the shop entrance will face the car park.  
        The large oak tree and the hedge will be retained.
        The design proposed has a slightly raised floor which requires a disabled access ramp.   
        Inside, the shop will have a disabled access toilet, office, kitchenette and store room. 
        There will be a provision for a Post Office counter. 

        The design derives from the requirements of the Village Hall committee, the restrictions of the site and of course, what can be afforded.  The result is a functional building which can be enhanced to be an attractive addition to the village scene.  As well as being on the website, the drawings and plans can be seen at the Village Hall throughout June.  For more information, comments or suggestions contact info@spaxtonshop.com or 671276 or 671380

        The other essential task is to prepare the leasing arrangement with the village Hall and this is now at an advanced stage.  As many readers will know, Tony has applied for permission for change of use for his shop premises and it is very likely that this permission will be granted.  Whilst this may concentrate minds on the possibility of Spaxton being without a shop the real situation has not changed.  Any planning permission granted to the Community Shop will not be put into effect until the Shop Society is clear that the present shop has closed permanently.  Our planning permission can remain in place for 3 years.
        Even with the preparations the Society has made we have to expect that our village could be without a shop for some time.  Due to the uncertainty of the future we have not been able to collect the funds necessary to go ahead immediately with a replacement shop if the present one closes.  We continue to explore a range of possibilities for funding but one of the principal sources should be the village itself.  If you have not yet bought
shares you can still do so and help to maintain a vital service in your village.  If there is any other way that you can help the Community Shop obtain the funds it needs please contact us,  details above.

Vernon Hughes
for Spaxton Community Shop Committee


If you have any questions, please contact a committee member (671276 / 380) or email  info@spaxtonshop.com