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Jul 2011

HOT NEWS : At 6th June,  Share Applications reached £23,315 ,  but it's not too late to apply (see below).


Our initial SHARE OFFER closed on May 15th. We had set a target of £20,000. We needed to find out whether there was enough support within the village to justify carrying on with the project; and £20,000 was the figure we needed to trigger a matching grant from the Plunkett Foundation.

In fact, the share offer has raised £22,370, from 224 people in 172 households. Does this give us a mandate to carry on with the project? We think yes, definitely. We have also had two grants of £1,000 each – from Spaxton Parish Council and Sedgemoor District Council. Sincere thanks to everyone who subscribed, and to both councils. We’re delighted with the response.

The next stages of the project are:

  • A meeting with the planning officer to talk about the design of the building and other planning issues;

  • Settling on a design, in collaboration with the village hall committee and the parish council;

  • Applying for grants for the remaining £140,000 we need to pay for the project.

Getting the grants is going to take several months. A year ago it would have been much easier, but, because of the economic downturn, several grant-givers have run out of money, and others have had their funds frozen while their trustees have a rethink. Therefore, unless a fairy godmother appears, it will be autumn before we know whether we have enough funds to commission the building, and the shop will not be open until some time next year.

In the meantime, we’d love some more shareholders. Grant-givers are impressed by the amount of money that a community raises itself, but many of them are more impressed by the number of people who have subscribed. So:

  • If you lost your share prospectus, we can give you another;

  • If you meant to subscribe but missed the closing date, don’t worry – subscribe now;

  • If you are worried because you can’t afford much, don’t be; we’d much rather that you bought one £5 share than none;

  • It’d be nice to have some more under-25 year old shareholders;

  • If you know anyone who loves Spaxton but no longer lives here (e.g. grown-up kids that have moved out of the village) – please ask them if they’d like to sign up as well.

The share prospectus and application form can be downloaded from our website – spaxtonshop.com – or we can give you one. If you’d like a prospectus, extra application forms, or any more information about the project please use the “contact us” button on the website, or phone 671276, 671380 or 671289.

Richard Lee

Spaxton Community Shop Committee

If you have any questions, please contact a committee member
or email  info(at)spaxtonshop(dot)com  (Please enter the proper characters in place of those in brackets; this is to help avoid spam robots which search the internet looking for email addresses to target)