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Jan 2014

**** MORE GOOD NEWS ****

- The Fairfield Charitable Trust, based near Stogursey, have generously awarded us £12,500 towards the cost of building and setting up our Community shop.  Our sincere thanks go to the Fairfield trustees.

January Update

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to an especially happy 2014 as our goal of a new shop for Spaxton is now within sight.


We are pleased to report that the funds held or promised are now at a level that allow us to build the shop and prepare it for opening. The largest cost will be the building and provision of services but we also need to cover start-up costs that include fit-out, refrigeration, till and stock control systems, initial stock and training. So finances are still tight. All shareholders will be updated on the financial situation prior to April’s AGM.

Building Progress

At the end of 2012 it seemed that the only affordable option was a prefabricated structure. Delays in getting suitable tenders had the benefit of allowing more funds to be accumulated and other options for the construction method became possible. Committee members compared the options carefully and visited examples of buildings similar to the shop design.

We have now identified a preferred contractor but at mid-January there are a few details to be sorted out before we award the contract.

We now plan to clad the building with long-lasting artificial boarding, add a window to the front and make the roof a bit steeper. The floor level will be lower so ramps and steps can be reduced. These amendments will make the building easier to maintain and a more pleasant place to work and shop. Because of the changes, we have had to put in another planning application which should be decided in early February. You can find the details on Sedgemoor’s planning website.

So, after all this, when will the long-awaited shop be open for business? The builders estimate 3 months from contract so the construction could be finished by the end of May. With sufficient help we could be looking at a June opening date.

Post Office

Our plans allow for the provision of a post office when this becomes necessary. Post Office Ltd will support a continuing post office service in Spaxton and may help with some of the costs of setting up in a new premises. However Spaxton may be without a service during a transition from the old to the new shop.


At the start of 2014 there are 318 Community Shops in Britain. 22 of them are in Somerset. About 400 commercial village shops close each year but in 20 years only 13 community shops have closed, the last of these in 2011! With everyone’s help Spaxton can become a part of the Community Shop success story.

ALL shareholders are invited to the next


on WEDS APRIL 16TH at 7:30pm in The Village Hall

Please try to attend. Shareholders will be sent more information nearer to the date.