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Feb 2013

February 2013 Update :

Dear Supporters and Shareholders

It has been a long time since the last newsletter and this is an update on recent developments.

Planning Permission

The most important item to report is that we have obtained planning permission for our new shop at the village hall. At the AGM shareholders were very much in favour of pushing ahead with the project and planning was the first step. Information was gathered and the design put on display in early June. We did not receive any adverse comments. The Parish Council submitted the application for us and paid for it. After a few delays the application was with Sedgemoor in October and by early December we had the permission. The council imposed a few conditions which is quite normal. As with most permissions work has to start within 3 years! Further information about the design and computer generated images are on the website.

Having planning permission will help us when applying for grants. The leasing agreement with the village hall is being finalised.

Building Contractors

If you know any local builders who may like to tender for the building please tell them to get in touch. We hope that local sub-contractors will be used where possible. Please tell us the names of any who you think may be able to help in this way.

 The Community Shop and The Post Office

We have always been sensitive to the position of Tony and Teresa, owners of the present shop. We have stated clearly that we will do nothing that disadvantages them. That is still the case. In June Tony’s application for a change of use of his premises to residential was refused because there is no alternative provision in the village. A Community Shop project with massive support does not count! So as we make progress towards providing that alternative we are also helping Tony and Teresa achieve the permission they seek.

Also those of you who visit the Post Office will have noticed that the stock of food items is greatly diminished and in that circumstance we do not feel that we may be in competition with Tony. (The stock of books is worth a look!)


With planning and the lease in place we’ll be in a much better position when applying for grants. We may go back to the lottery and perhaps there will be grants available from EDF if it decides to go ahead with Hinkley C. During the lull caused by the uncertainty of the current shop’s position we have not actively sought more money from the community. We will do so again when we have quotes and know how much is needed. Meanwhile, if you know of anyone who would like to be involved with the project by buying shares or helping in any other way please ask them to contact Richard, 671276. The share money already collected is safe and earning interest for the project.

Shareholders please note : The next AGM is planned for Wednesday April 17th in The Village Hall. More details will be sent to you later.

The Spaxton Community Shop Society Committee

Chairman Josh Schwieso, Secretary, Vernon Hughes Treasurer, Richard Lee, Communications, Simon Haswell Business Planning, Peter Harvey Other members, Biddy McWilliam, Tom Stephens, Tanya Davies, Cath Macadam

If you have any questions, please contact a committee member (671276 / 380) or email  info@spaxtonshop.com