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Feb 2012

Annual General Meeting for Shareholders : 7-30pm on Thursday 29th March at the Village Hall Pavilion.

February 2012 UPDATE

Since submitting the article about the Community Shop project in this month’s Community News there have been some developments which the committee of The Spaxton Community Shop Society would like to pass on to residents.

The article mentions the possibility of the project being put “on hold” and the committee has now decided to take that course of action.

Although the current shop “closed” in July 2010 and was for sale it now stocks a very limited range of goods which provides some useful income. Tony still wants to move but the reality is that a sale is not likely in the near future.

We have always said that we would not run in competition with the current shop and up to now this possibility seemed remote. However this is no longer the case. Also the existence of a shop, however limited, makes the task of raising funds for a Community Shop more difficult. For these reasons we have decided to suspend part of our activities until the future of the shop and post office becomes more certain.

The design of a new shop building is at an advanced stage and we propose to continue with this work in preparation for a planning application but we will suspend fundraising. The current shop and post office continue to be at risk and the role of The Community Shop Society is to ensure that Spaxton retains these services well into the future. Further decisions on the way forward will be made by shareholders at our AGM in late March.

If you are a shareholder this may be the first you have heard of our decision and for this we apologise. The timings of our decision and the Community News were not ideal. All shareholders will receive a letter within the next 2 weeks giving more information about the committee’s decision and details of the AGM.

Spaxton Community Shop Society committee

February/March Spaxton Community News Article :

Spaxton Community Shop project continues to make progress through some choppy waters. We are a bit disappointed that we are not able to publish the details of the shop design in this Community News. We expect to have something to put to you very soon and when that happens a meeting or consultation will be held at the Village Hall to allow as many people as possible to have a say and ask questions. At the same time we need to consult the Village Hall committee and The Parish Council and have a preliminary meeting with planners.

After responding to this consultation we will apply for planning permission. This has become a priority. Although we do not have enough money to build a new shop yet we do need a clear plan and permission to get the funds we need. As reported before, the new design will provide a useful community owned shop at a lower cost than we originally planned so we remain confident about achieving our goal.

We would like to clarify the position of The Spaxton Community Shop Society with regard to the present Post Office.

The Shop Society exists because a situation arose where the shop and post office in Spaxton was under threat. Its only aim is to ensure that those services continue in Spaxton.

In July 2010 the shop “closed”. Village shops have closed in huge numbers in the last 10 years due to the economics of running a shop to provide a living. When it “closed” Spaxton’s remaining shop and post office had been on the market for 2 years and it was proving very difficult to sell the property as a business. In fact a future owner would have no obligation to run a shop or post office and the building could be converted to a house.

Whilst some items have returned to the shelves Tony has, understandably, not been able to provide a wide range of stock. We have been fortunate that he has continued to run the Post Office but he has made it clear that his preference is still to sell the property. So the shop and Post Office are still at risk.

We have made it clear that;

If Tony and Teresa, or anyone else, set up a shop to provide a wide range of goods on a sustainable basis the Community Shop project will be unnecessary and it will be either wound up (and shareholders’ money returned) or put “on hold”.

A new shop will have the provision for a Post Office. Of course, if the Post Office continues where it is there will be no Post Office in the new building.

We have learnt a lot by talking to some of the many successful community shops, especially those near here. Take a look at the videos at www.spreyton.org to find out what a Community Shop can do!


If you have any questions, please contact a committee member (671276 / 380) or email  info(at)spaxtonshop(dot)com  (Please enter the proper characters in place of those in brackets; this is to help avoid spam robots which search the internet looking for email addresses to target)