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Apr 2014


All shareholders are invited to The Annual General Meeting of the Spaxton Community Shop Society Ltd at 7.30pm on Wednesday April 16th in Spaxton Village Hall pavilion.  Refreshments available from 7.15

As  well  as  routine  business  the  AGM  will  give  you  a  chance  to  see  the  latest  plans,  ask questions and discuss the progress of the project.

The  committee  is  striving  to  open  the  shop  this  year  so  your  ideas  and  comments  could really make a difference.

The  postmaster  of  a  nearby  Community  Shop  will  tell  us  about  the  pleasures  and
challenges of the day-to-day operation of a Post Office and shop.

Working  at Spaxton Stores

The  shop  can  only  succeed  if  most  of  those  working  there  do  so  because  they  wish  to serve  the community.  The Shop Committee would like  to hear  from anyone  who  wants to give a couple of hours a week, or more, for this purpose.
In  addition,  2  positions  have  been  allocated  a  payment  in  recognition  of  the extra responsibility involved.

PART-TIME  SHOP  MANAGER:   The manager will oversee the running of the shop and will be expected to work at the new shop premises for about 15 hours per week. He/she will be assisted by volunteers. Initially the shop committee has allocated £500 per month for this position. This may be increased depending on the shop’s profitability.

POST  OFFICE  MANAGER:   This person will receive the training required to run postal services and will oversee their provision. He/she will be assisted by trained  volunteers.   Payment  will  depend upon the  income  generated  by the post  office  business and the terms of the Shop's contracts with service providers.
The committee considers that these jobs could be fulfilled separately or by one person.
If  you  are  interested  and  wish  to  receive  further  information  please  contact  Spaxton Community Shop Society, details at the bottom of the page.