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Leon Trotsky 19390326 The "Kidnapping” of Trotsky’s Grandson

Leon Trotsky: The "Kidnapping” of Trotsky’s Grandson

March 26, 1939

[Writings of Leon Trotsky, Vol 11, 1938-1938, New York ²1974, p. 248]

Although Mme. Jeanne Martin des Pallières didn't have the slightest legal hold over my grandson, I urged her to come to Mexico to live with the child in our house, or at least to discuss and decide the future with us. She refused, and at the same time she tried to gain possession of my archives, for reasons that are not clear.

Since the reports of my friends in Paris had shown me that it was impossible to leave my grandson with this person even for a short time, I referred the matter to the French authorities, through the-intermediaries of the French legation in Mexico and my lawyer in Paris, Mr. Gerard Rosenthal.

The qualified authorities have recognized the complete justice of my claim to this child, who now has no relative anywhere in the world besides me. For a transitional period I have entrusted him to my friends in Paris, a move that was endorsed by the judicial administrator. The child is in the best possible hands while he is waiting to rejoin me.

This story of a kidnapping was made up from start to finish by Mme. Martin des Pallières's unhealthy imagination.