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Leon Trotsky 19390428 On Laborde and Trotskyists in General

Leon Trotsky: On Laborde and Trotskyists in General

April 28, 1939

[Writings of Leon Trotsky, Vol 11, 1938-1938, New York ²1974, p. 316 f.]

La Voz de Mexico has expressed its conviction that the recent tragic train wreck was the handiwork of the forces of reaction and of Trotsky in particular. Despite the reliability of such a source, at first glance this. report hardly seemed likely. However, recalling the Moscow trials, in which Trotskyists accused themselves of even more monstrous crimes, we decided with our modest forces to conduct a meticulous investigation of this case. And this investigation has yielded far better results than we had hoped for at the outset.

Trotsky is dear to us, but the truth is dearer still. The documents that have fallen into our hands prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the principal organizer of the train wreck is a conspirator known to be living in Coyoacan. In the process, we also succeeded in discovering the identity of his principal accomplices. It is clear that Trotsky transmitted the most criminal of his commands through — would you have believed it?-Hernan Laborde. Many people may find this inconceivable since Laborde is known as the leading enemy of Trotskyism in Mexico. However, the only people who can argue this way are either extremely naive or miserable hypocrites who are not aware of the diabolical duplicity of the Trotskyists.

Like Radek, Pyatakov, and dozens of others, who seemed to be whipping up a rabid campaign against Trotsky but who were actually his secret agents, Hernan Laborde only masquerades as a Stalinist in order to carry out his Trotskyist intrigues more effectively. The proof? There is more than enough. Let us take the simplest, clearest example. Many people have more than once expressed their amazement at seeing at the head of the Mexican Communist Party a person whose speeches, declarations, and even denunciations are characterized by extraordinary imbecility. In truth, only innocent naivete could take this imbecility for good coin. Carrying out the diabolical designs of the Fourth International, Hernan Laborde delights in passing himself off as an idiot in order the better thus to discredit the Comintern. So that everywhere everyone will say that there is a man without wits or conscience at the head of the Mexican section of the Comintern!

The mask of imbecility is necessary for this cunning Trotskyist to better carry out his intrigues.

As for Laborde’s direct participation in the train wreck — this has been clearly established. In the drawer of our desk we have two nuts unscrewed by Laborde the night before the train wreck. An investigation will certainly establish the fact that the finger prints on them are those of the Mexican Trotskyist. Moreover, we don't really need much physical evidence. Just like the other double-dealers, Laborde has been persuaded to publicly confess his crimes. We are informed by reliable sources that Vyshinsky has already sent him a first-class ticket for a trip to Moscow. We hope that this time Laborde will not remain incognito in the United States, but will, in fact, deliver himself up to the GP U. It is the best thing he could do for the workers’ movement. After Comrade Beria has performed the ritual surgical operation on him, the editors of La Voz de Mexico will dedicate a heartfelt obituary to their leader and friend-which will end with the words: "Another Trotskyite mad dog has just been liquidated. Long live Stalin, the father of the peoples!" And the whole Mexican "Communist" Party will reply in unison: "Amen!"