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Leon Trotsky 19390220 Letter to Rose Karsner

Leon Trotsky: Letter to Rose Karsner

February 20, 1939

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 14, New York 1979, p. 828, title “Money-Raising Appeals”]

Dear Comrade Rose:

We asked about the two small articles sent to the staff. One of them concerns the collection of money for the French party. Since the money was collected without articles it is possible that the editorial board found that it was not necessary to publish the appeal.

The other article was concerning the question of raising money from the liberal Jewish bourgeois. It is not the fate of the article which interests me, but the question itself. Did the comrades discuss the possibility of a revolutionary organization’s getting money from Jewish liberals and radicals? I believe that it could be done. However it would be necessary to develop a systematic campaign on an individual scale with a “diplomatic” approach. It is in this connection that the appeal I, or anyone else, proposes could be of use, but not simply as an article.

Comradely yours,

L. Trotsky