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Leon Trotsky 19390109 Letter to Rose Karsner

Leon Trotsky: Letter to Rose Karsner

January 9, 1939

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 14, New York 1979, p. 820, “The Plight of Our Refugee Comrades”]

Dear Comrade Rose:

I have received a letter from Comrade Walter Held concerning the fate of our German comrades in Europe. I am sending you a copy of the respective part of the letter. Unfortunately it is in German, but I hope that some of the comrades can translate it into English. The question is very important and I would be happy to know that Held’s plan is feasible.

About two weeks ago I received a request for visas from fifteen Czechoslovakian comrades. I did all I could, but I am not very hopeful. The difficulties here are growing parallel with the pressure from all sides. We procured visas easily for Otto [Schuessler] and Julik only as my collaborators who were to live in my house; but during our negotiations concerning Julik we were compelled to declare that he would be the last collaborator for whom we would ask a visa. Unfortunately, our general request does not look very promising.

Held is in correspondence with Comrade Novack on his own case and that of the other German comrades. I hope that you will consult him and will do everything possible in order to save the precious cadres of our German section.

I would be glad to hear if the plan is feasible, what is done and what will be done.

Comradely yours,

L. Trotsky