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Leon Trotsky 19391226 A False Report

Leon Trotsky: A False Report

December 26, 1939

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 14, New York 1979, p. 847]

Editor, Excelsior Mexico City

Dear Sir:

On the front page of Excelsior, December 25, in a note entitled “Alliance Against Communism,” it is stated that General [Emilio N.] Acosta had approached me to obtain materials for the struggle against the communist “doctrine.” Permit me to make the following statement in the columns of your newspaper:

1. I do not have the honor of knowing General Acosta and have never had any relations with him.

2. In general, no one has approached me to obtain materials either against the communist doctrine or against that caricature of communism which covers up the attitude of the international agents of the new Soviet aristocracy.

Someone or other appears to be interested in mixing up my name in enterprises with which I do not and could not have anything in common.

L. Trotsky