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Leon Trotsky 19381022 Two Agents of "Democratic" Imperialism

Leon Trotsky: Two Agents of "Democratic" Imperialism

October 22, 1938

[Writings of Leon Trotsky, Vol 11, 1938-1938, New York ²1974, p. 91]

At the pacifist congress in Mexico, the inimitable Leon Jouhaux exclaimed: "We have come together for a struggle against fascism, not against imperialism." This meant: we must prevent Hitler from seizing French colonies, but we may not interfere with the French slaveholders as they "peacefully" prey upon their own colonial slaves. After France and England capitulated to Hitler, Jouhaux found a new, fresh, and sure means for salvation: to convene an international conference . . . for disarmament. "Even Hitler is not excluded," adds this incomparable anarcho-imperialist. Unfortunately, Jouhaux is very much like the clever rabbit who suggests to the wolf that they go to the dentist together to get their fangs removed.

This, then, is the shameful finale to Moscow's many long years of pacifist campaigning! How many tens of millions of dollars did all these banquets, congresses, parades, trips for Leon Jouhaux, and pastoral letters by Romain Rolland cost the Russian workers?

Toledano in Futuro began politely and carefully to dissociate himself from Jouhaux – after the Mexican supporters of the Fourth International, to Toledano's surprise, published Lenin's comments on Jouhaux (it was a surprise to Toledano because he has no understanding of either Lenin or Marx). Perhaps Toledano would now deign to answer some questions clearly and precisely for the workers: Just what and whom does he agree with? What and whom does he disagree with? Does he approve of Stalin's politics? What, in general, is his program?

We guarantee in advance: Toledano will not answer any of these questions. Why? There is nothing he could say. Like Andersen's emperor, he has no clothes.