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Leon Trotsky 19381011 The Problem of a New International

Leon Trotsky: The Problem of a New International

October 11, 1938

[Writings of Leon Trotsky, Vol 11, 1938-1938, New York ²1974, p. 81]

The bankruptcy of the Second and Third Internationals as organizations of the international proletariat is undisputed among real Marxists. The ex-Communist International, following in the footsteps of the Social Democracy, has transformed itself from an instrument of the emancipation of the workers and the exploited into an instrument of "democratic" imperialism. At this time, the problem of the new international is the most important problem facing the vanguard of the world proletariat.

In this issue of Clave, we are reprinting various documents that relate to the recent world conference of the Fourth International or reflect the activity of some of its sections. We hope these documents will provoke a lively exchange of ideas among Mexican Marxists and among Spanish-speaking Marxists in general. The new International cannot be created by means of encyclicals. Every step forward must come as the result of scientific investigation, open criticism, and collective consideration.

In the first issue of Clave we reproduced draft theses on the problem of development in Latin America. These draft theses were prepared by Comrade Diego Rivera (a fact that was not mentioned). The draft on Mexican problems is also his. The editors, who are in general agreement with these theses, entreat their readers to give careful consideration to both drafts.

Clave is not published for entertainment, nor to provide light reading. Marxism is a scientific doctrine. Mastering it requires constant, serious thinking. We recommend that advanced workers read the articles in our magazine in their meetings; groups that are less advanced should invite teachers. The reading of each article should provoke an exchange of opinions. Conclusions, critical observations, questions, and proposals can be communicated to the editors in written or verbal form. We give our assurance beforehand that the editors will give all comments their attentive consideration.