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Leon Trotsky 19381213 The French Question

Leon Trotsky: The French Question

December 13, 1938

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 14, New York 1979, p 807]

Dear Friend:

I highly appreciate and support with all my heart the initiative you and the [SWP] National Committee take in the French question. As you say in your letter to Vincent Dunne, it will signify a step forward for the American party itself. Within the next few days I may possibly send you some more on the French question; but now I shall speak a little about the Mexican question—more concretely, about Charlie and Lillian [Curtiss].

I discovered yesterday in my discussion with Charlie, the situation has become critical. The modest bit of money they brought here is exhausted. Even more, I learned with stupefaction that Charlie spent some money of his own on the review [Clave]. What is to be done now? The agreement you made about the sojourn of these comrades in Mexico was not very clear to me. I believe that you discussed the practical question with Diego in my absence.

Now Diego stands aside from the Mexican organization and participates only in the magazine. I do not know his present financial situation and I am by no means sure that it is good. After a long period of bad health and passivity Diego returned to painting. It seems that he favors painting and avoids political questions and discussions. It would not be easy for me to approach him on this delicate question now. I believe that it would be best for you to write Diego immediately, explaining the whole situation to him and asking for his advice or help. It is absolutely necessary to settle the matter before your departure for Europe.


Hansen [Leon Trotsky]