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Leon Trotsky 19380207 Letter to Ragnar Christophersen

Leon Trotsky: Letter to Ragnar Christophersen

February 7, 1938

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 14, New York 1979, p 755, title: “Why I Can't Pay Now”]

Dear Sir:

Naturally in view of the fact that I agreed to arbitrate the case before Den Norske Sakforerforening, Oslo Krets, I shall pay the sum which I have been asked to pay as soon as possible.

But your request finds me in a very difficult financial situation. You know, I am sure, that your government under orders from the GPU held me in prison for four months, depriving me of the possibility of working and made me pay for the imprisonment at least two times more than I would have expended normally.

Your government confiscated my bank deposit which represented the earnings from more than a year's work. Concurring with the government, the "Socialist" municipality imposed a monstrous tax upon me in absolute discrepancy with my means and my kind of life.

After my liberation from the "Socialist" prison in Norway the new Moscow trials obliged me to devote almost a year in refuting the infamous accusations.

That is precisely why I am now in the greatest financial difficulty. I shall not repeat again that I didn't receive any real help from Mr. Michael Puntervold. But in spite of all, I hope that I can send the necessary money during the month of March.

Yours faithfully, Leon Trotsky