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Leon Trotsky 19380331 Letter to Margaret De Silver

Leon Trotsky: Letter to Margaret De Silver

March 31, 1938

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 14, New York 1979, p 768, title: “Carlo Tresca Is a Target”]

Margaret De Silver

Brooklyn, New York

My Dear Friend:

I have learned that you contributed again so generously toward the new conditions of security which are being created here through the solicitude of friends from the United States and Mexico. Until recently I tried to avoid these new efforts and expenses which cannot be effected without injury to the movement. But the sudden death of our son, the very precise revelations of the French and Swiss police concerning terroristic attempts against Leon Sedov and myself, the trip of Abbiatte, a professional assassin of the GPU, to Mexico and finally an attempt to introduce a package allegedly from General Mujica vanquished my resistance. I will not be accused that I offered a too easy victory to the GPU.

In this terrible time of triumphant reaction and approaching war every revolutionary represents an element of the future. Self-preservation becomes to a certain degree a revolutionary duty. The Kremlin beast is wounded but not dead. Its last convulsions can be terrible. I believe, for example, that Comrade Tresca is now one of the targets for the hatred and revenge of the GPU: He should be very cautious in his movements and meetings.

I thank you heartily and I transmit best greetings from Natalia and myself.

Yours sincerely,

Leon Trotsky