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Leon Trotsky 19380605 Letter to Jan Frankel

Leon Trotsky: Letter to Jan Frankel

June 5, 1938

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 14, New York 1979, p 773, title: “Muenzenberg's Expulsion”]

Dear Friend:

You should write to Adolphe [Rudolf Klement] so that our press might publish a note on Münzenberg as soon as possible, along more or less the following lines:

The prudent and clever Münzenberg has been expelled from the Central Committee of the German Communist Party. Naturally, this measure is simply the preparation for expelling Münzenberg from the party. The bureaucrats move cautiously because Münzenberg knows too much. But, devoid of political courage, Münzenberg lets things proceed, that is, he permits his expulsion by successive installments. Perhaps he hopes in this manner to gain favor with the GPU. We have often seen artful and cunning diplomats and maneuvering bureaucrats prove themselves stupid and blundering when faced with a decisive crisis. The only course for Münzenberg, as shown by the examples of W. Krivitsky and A. Barmine, is to openly break with the GPU, openly denounce its crimes, and depend on the protection of public opinion. But there is reason to believe that Münzenberg will not do this. In the end he will pay dearly for his lack of courage and political steadfastness. But that's his affair.

Best regards, L.T.