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Leon Trotsky 19380415 Letter to James P. Cannon

Leon Trotsky: Letter to James P. Cannon

April 15, 1938

    [Writings of Leon Trotsky 1937-1938, New York ²1976, p. 314, “For the Reorganization of the Mexican Section”]

Dear Comrade Cannon:

May I make some proposals concerning the Mexican "situation"?

    1. It would be good if our party addressed the British Labour Party, the trade unions, the Independent Labour Party, and so on, with the proposition to oppose vigorously Chamberlain's policy in the oil matter. Our party could take the leading role in this affair.

    2. Your participation in the meeting here had one "unexpected" result. Galicia, in the name of the revived League, published a manifesto in which he attacked Cardenas for his policy of compensating the expropriated capitalists, and posted this manifesto principally on the walls of the Casa del Pueblo. This is the "policy" of these people.

I don't know whether they have answered your last letter about the expulsion of the Fernandez group. In any case, they continue to call themselves a section of the Fourth International. In my opinion the Pan-American Conference should not recognize them but appoint a commission for the reorganization of the Mexican section. But it is necessary to send at least one responsible comrade who could remain here at least two or three months. The sooner you send him the better. You know that the project of a Spanish theoretical magazine should not, at least in the beginning, be an official organ of the Fourth International, but an organ of a bloc of the Fourth International people with some sympathizers such as the Zamora brothers and others, in order to safeguard the magazine from the attempts of the local groups and cliques. It should be organized not as a Mexican but as a Latin American magazine under the official control of the Pan-American Committee, which can appoint Diego [Rivera] and its representative (Curtiss) as editors of the magazine. Such a decision is very urgent.

My best greetings,

Hansen [Trotsky]