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Leon Trotsky 19380415 Letter to H. Boyd-Sumner

Leon Trotsky: Letter to H. Boyd-Sumner

April 15, 1938

    [Writings of Leon Trotsky 1937-1938, New York ²1976, p. 315 f., “Toward a Genuine British Section]

Dear Comrade Sumner:

I haven't written you for a long time but you understand the reasons. We received your cable and your letter and both Natalia and I warmly appreciate your friendly feelings. . . .

I don't know whether you have been informed about the trip of Comrade Cannon to Europe and in the first place to London. It is possible that Comrade Shachtman will also go with Cannon. I ascribe great importance to this trip especially for things in England. Cannon and Shachtman are our best comrades in the States, with a broad outlook and with serious organizational experience. One of their tasks is to meet all the English groups who belong or wish to belong to the Fourth International and to try to normalize the situation among these groups in order to help the crystallization of a genuine British section of the Fourth International. I hope that you and your group will give Cannon and Shachtman your full cooperation in their task.

I doubt that they can remain in London for more than a week, possibly less. It is absolutely necessary to use this time as well as possible. The best procedure it seems to me would be to enter now into connection with the other groups and even to establish a technical committee with the purpose of arranging the meeting of the American friends with each of the British groups separately, and then with all of them together. You will surely receive in time a communication specifying the precise day of arrival of the American friends in London. I should be very glad to have a note from you about the preparation for the discussions with "C" and "S" and also later about the results of these discussions.

I receive your publications. Thanks. But I write today only on the "C-S" trip.

Best greetings from Natalia and me to you and all friends.

Yours fraternally, Leon Trotsky

P.S. – I have received a letter from Frank Maitland in the name of the "Revolutionary Socialist Party." He wishes to publish my article on Spain as a pamphlet and is ready to do it in cooperation with one of our British groups. The evolution of his party, he writes me, is totally in the direction of the Fourth International. Are you in contact with them? I am writing to Maitland today.