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Leon Trotsky 19381022 A False View

Leon Trotsky: A False View

October 22, 1938

[Writings of Leon Trotsky, Vol 11, 1938-1938, New York ²1974, p. 89]

We have received from one of our readers a letter in which he complains that in spite of the approaching war we continue, as he puts it, to occupy ourselves with the exposure of Stalin. This letter was written at the very height of the Czechoslovak crisis. But if this constitutes the psychological explanation for the letter, it is in no way a political justification for it.

The war will be, of course, a tremendous catastrophe. But it is, nonetheless, a continuation of the prewar policy of the imperialists. The war cannot be fought against except by continuing and developing the prewar revolutionary policy. We have not and cannot have any other means or levers to counteract the war but the revolutionary organization of the proletarian vanguard. The main hindrance to the unification and education of this vanguard is at the present time the so-called Comintern. The struggle for a new revolutionary organization capable of resisting the war cannot, therefore, consist in anything but the struggle against the poison that Stalinism is introducing into the workers' movement. Whoever, under the pretext of the danger of war, recommends stopping the war against Stalinism is in fact deserting the revolutionary tasks, covering himself with loud phrases about world catastrophe. We have nothing in common with this fundamentally false view.