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Leon Trotsky 19350500 Toward the New Youth International

Leon Trotsky: Toward the New Youth International

Spring 1935

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 14, New York 1979, p. 580 f.]

The current dispute in the Stockholm Bureau is of the greatest importance for the development of our youth organization. Given the fact that the SAP representative feels constrained to sign our delegate’s statement, the situation seems very favorable. In order to make it yield all the desired results, it is necessary to follow through to the very end without the slightest concession. All of our youth sections would have to declare that they categorically refuse to collaborate at all with Mot Dag — which, by the way, refused to allow our delegate to attend its meetings and to participate in the life of its organization.

If the Swedes agree to withdraw their mandate from Mot Dag and be directly represented, we will be able to do nothing for the moment except renew our proposition to reorganize the Stockholm Bureau more equitably — that is to say, organize it in keeping with the actual relationship of forces, with a bureau made up of five delegates (IS, France, Holland, SAP, Sweden).

That solution, even if it succeeds, which is not at all certain, could only be a stage, since the future of the international youth organization is completely bound up with the development of the Fourth International.

The Open Letter for the Fourth International, once it has been signed, will naturally be sent to the Stockholm Bureau — or, more precisely, to the one that will be created tomorrow.

After the creation of the Bureau for the Fourth International, the youth will naturally regroup according to their political positions: for or against the Fourth International.

Comrade Held’s proposal to create a provisional secretariat in Paris and to call an emergency international youth conference must be made subordinate to the progress of work specified above. If calling a conference for the Fourth International proves feasible within a relatively short period of time, it would be entirely appropriate to call a youth conference at the same time and place, for reasons that need no elaboration. If not, it is of course possible to contemplate calling a youth conference independently, in accordance with material resources, technical feasibility, etc.

In any case, if the Stockholm Bureau is definitely broken up, which is quite possible, the IS, in agreement with the youth, will have to guarantee a provisional secretariat in Paris.