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Leon Trotsky 19351105 Letter to Henk Sneevliet

Leon Trotsky: Letter to Henk Sneevliet

November 5, 1935

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 14, New York 1979, p. 621 f., title: “Support of the Dutch Fight Against SAPism”]

Dear Friend:

Just a few lines. At the moment I do not want to go into which of the [Dutch] executive committee’s mistakes and omissions in the past have now made it necessary to take much harsher steps. All of us (including our friend Schmidt) will have time to think it over … It is enough for me that the struggle the executive committee is leading is a struggle for the revolutionary future of the party, in order for me to support this struggle with all forces and with no restraint on an international scale.

I enclose a circular letter of Comrade Muste’s. Things still seem to be going pretty well on the outside with respect to the controversial questions (SAP, IAG, Fourth International). You can make very good use of this letter in the internal struggle (maybe read it to the congress). I don’t need to tell you that you have my warmest greetings and wishes. I am absolutely sure that this crisis will weld the party together in a revolutionary manner and will assure it a great future.

With warmest revolutionary greetings.

L. Trotsky

P.S. You can send the Muste letter back to me at your convenience. Fred Zeller is now here on a visit. Will stay here ten days. (Seine youth federation membership now 3,000; Revolution circulation 12,000.) The successes in France are heartening. Zeller is writing a longer article about them, which I will send you right away.


P.P.S. As far as Luteran is concerned, I suppose that he is quoting from my article on Pivert, where I take up the permissibility (inevitability) of temporary factions inside the Fourth International. But there is a distinct limit to the formation of these factions: today it is the recognition of the Fourth International and the sharp struggle against SAPism.