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Leon Trotsky 19351230 Letter to Georges Vereecken

Leon Trotsky: Letter to Georges Vereecken

December 30, 1935

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 8, 1935-36, New York ²1977, p. 221, title: “For a Lucid Explanation]

Comrade Vereecken:

You have not replied to my last letter. However, I asked you a very specific question: What non-entrist groups do you support? What are your international connections? We have the right to ask you this: you know our international affiliations perfectly well, while we do not know yours. Moreover, it is a matter of common work according to your own suggestion.

As far as I can judge from here, the “POB chapter” of our Belgian section is approaching its conclusion. We certainly hope that our group will exit much stronger than it entered. From the instant of the expulsions — which seem to be brought closer again by Godefroid’s perfidious treason — the question of the new party must be posed. It must be prepared for. The ground must be cleared by a lucid explanation. That was the purpose of my last letter. I await your reply with the greatest interest.

With my best greetings,

L. Trotsky