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Leon Trotsky 19351231 Letter to all Sections of the ICL

Leon Trotsky: Letter to all Sections of the ICL

December 31, 1935

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 8, 1935-36, New York ²1977, p. 222, title: “Developments in the USSR]

To all sections of the ICL and all sympathizing organizations:

In the recent period, comrades from various countries have complained of a lack of general articles concerning the USSR. We will take energetic steps to remedy this in the next period. Comrade Markin [Leon Sedov] has been charged with establishing a special press service to deal with these questions. He has already prepared a first article on the Stakhanovite movement. The article is based on very important documentation and, in my opinion, gives a totally correct picture of the character and the role of this movement, which is glorified by the Stalinists not only uncritically, but also in a totally dishonest fashion. I would like to call the attention of all comrades to this article.

Crux [Trotsky]