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Leon Trotsky 19300400 Three Editorials

Leon Trotsky: Three Editorials

April 1930

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 2, 1930, New York 1975, p. 157 f.]

The Shooting of Oppositionists

The killing of Blumkin was only a beginning. We are informed of the shooting of two more Oppositionists, Comrades Silov and Rabinovich. Obviously, the idiotic story about Oppositionists participating in sabotage of the railroad system was meant to show something else, to create if you like some kind of explanation for the Thermidorean attack on the Bolshevik-Leninists. But Comrades Silov and Rabinovich had no connection whatsoever with "sabotage" or railroads.

The fact that Stalin has concealed till now that he shot Blumkin shows that he has nothing to say to substantiate the current treacherous assassination. Stalin's motives for these fresh crimes are to be explained by the desire for vengeance and the usurper's alarm.

The assassination does not intimidate the Opposition — of that there is no need to speak; neither does it stop Stalin from contemplating others. We have suffered heavily on account of the crimes of the Stalinist apparatus. But we do not identify the apparatus with the party. Punishment in reply to the murderous policy of the Stalinist faction is the right of the party as a whole. It falls to us, who are in its ranks.

Christian Georgevitch Rakovsky in Danger

In the last number of the Biulleten we gave news of Comrade Rakovsky's health. Now we are in receipt of new, even more disturbing information about his condition. We are informed that at the beginning of March, Christian Georgevitch suffered a severe heart attack. This was the second in recent times. The attack came at six o'clock in the morning. The doctors feared for Comrade Rakovsky's life unless he could be moved immediately for climatic and sanatorium treatment. Comrade Rakovsky's next move — to Barnaul — is disastrous.

On March 26, the family of L.D. Trotsky sent a telegram from Constantinople to the family of Rakovsky in Barnaul. The text of the telegram read: "Extremely disturbed Christian's health." No reply to this telegram has been received. It is perfectly obvious the telegram was intercepted. In communicating these facts of a criminal move against Comrade Rakovsky's life, we address these lines | afresh to all friends, with a call to help save Rakovsky!

To Our Friends Abroad

The profound crisis that has shaken the Soviet economy and the party imparts to the question of reliable connections with the Soviet Union special sharpness and urgency. It is necessary to provide our Biulleten with an up-to-date inflow of correspondence, articles, and any information in general from the USSR. This and other tasks can be solved; all that is needed is initiative, ingenuity, and persistence.

We turn to our friends abroad with a warm appeal not only to redouble but to increase tenfold their efforts for the maintenance of our Biulleten. Don't miss any occasion to provide the help we need so badly, send literature, get information, create or strengthen connections.

It is necessary to send into Russia suitable addresses from abroad for the systematic mailing of correspondence. The more addresses, the wider the correspondence, the more fully and currently will the Biulleten be able to comment on the tasks of the October Revolution, which is experiencing a profound crisis.

It is necessary to follow carefully what is received from the USSR in the way of letters and articles sent in good time to our editorial board.

No less important is it to send the Biulleten into the USSR, even if only individual copies. The number of tourists coming from the USSR and returning there is very great. Among them the percentage sympathetic to us is significantly high, as our friends abroad testify. Only correct organization is needed. It is necessary to appoint special comrades to tie up the connections and to make the most suitable arrangements for communication and transport.

Don't waste time! Get busy!