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Leon Trotsky 19300629 Letter to all sections of the International Left Opposition

Leon Trotsky: Letter to all sections of the International Left Opposition

June 29, 1930

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 2, 1930, New York 1975, p. 302, title: “Circular Letter Number Two”]

To all sections of the International Left Opposition

Dear Comrades,

The Editorial Board of the Russian Biulleten Oppozitsii is forwarding to you herewith a survey of the situation of the Russian Opposition prepared by Comrade N. Markin. The basis for the survey is data of undisputable authenticity, received firsthand by the editors. The picture emerging on the basis of this information is truly ghastly. Fear of damaging the Soviet republic keeps some foreign comrades from undertaking resolute forms of protest. To the Opposition this by itself indicates the correct approach to the matter. The struggle against Stalin's atrocities against the Opposition does not at all require street demonstrations, the pasting up of proclamations, etc. Bourgeois public opinion, it goes without saying, is totally indifferent to the annihilation of the Bolsheviks, and we have no intention of directing our appeals to it. Our main efforts must be directed toward the Communist workers. It is necessary, by pressure from below, to create an intolerable situation for the official leadership of the Communist parties. And for this to happen what is needed is not synchronized, solemn protests but systematic work among the Communist workers. By this course, the struggle to save the Russian Oppositionists will be closely intertwined with the struggle for the liberation of the Communist parties from their demoralized leadership.

We firmly hope that all the sections of the ILO will carefully discuss a plan for the campaign and conduct it with the necessary energy.

With communist greetings,

L. Trotsky