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Appeal of the Deportees (January 13, 1928)

On the Legend of “Trotskyism” (January 3, 1928)

Letter (“Problems of the International Opposition”, January 14, 1928)

Letter to Peter (“Problems of the International Opposition”, January 14, 1928)

Letter to I. N. Smirnov (“The International Factor”, second week of February, 1928)

Letter to a Few Exiled Friends (February 28, 1928)

Letter to Preobrazhensky (March 2, 1928)

Letter to Sosnovsky (“'Pravda' Sounds the Alarm”, March 5, 1928)

Letter to I. N. Smirnov (“A Pair of Sancho Panzas”, March 10, 1928)

Letter to A. G. Ishchenko (“Pyatakov: A Politically Finished Man”, March 17, 1928)

Letter to Karl and Rebecca Griunshtein (Our Correspondents, April 12, 1928)

Letter to Preobrazhensky (April 19, 1928)

Letter to Preobrazhensky ( April 21, 1928)

Letter to D. B. Ryazanov (May 1928)

The Relation of Criticism to Support (May 1928)

Circular letter (We Cannot Follow a Short-Range Policy, May 9, 1928)

Letter to Aleksandra L. Sokolovskaya (The General Outline of My Work, Mid-May 1928)

Circular letter (Conditions in Alma-Ata, May 16, 1928)

Letter to Aleksandr Y. Beloborodov (The Opposition's Errors—Real and Alleged, May 23, 1928)

Letter to Yevgeny A. Preobrazhensky (Preobrazhensky's Proposal, May 24, 1928)

Circular letter (Portrait of a Capitulator, May 26, 1928)

A Letter from Exile in Alma-Ata (June 2, 1928)

Circular letters (Rumors from Moscow, June 1928)

Circular letter (A Crudely Empirical Turn, June 24, 1928)

Declaration to the Sixth Comintern Congress (July 12, 1928)

The Theses of Comrade Radek (July 17, 1928)

The July Plenum and the Right Danger (July 22, 1928)

Letter to V. D. Kasparova (The Conflicts Are Still Ahead, August 30, 1928)

Letter to S. A. Ashkinazi (The Law of Zigzags Remains in Force, August 30, 1928)

Who Is Leading the Comintern Today? (September 1928)

Some Remarks on the Sixth Congress (September 9, 1928)

On Max Eastman (September 11, 1928)

Letter to Shatunovsky (A Heart-to-Heart Talk with a Well-meaning Party Member, September 12, 1928)

The Sixth Congress and the Opposition's Tasks (September 18, 1928)

Letter to Victor Eltsin (No Political Concessions to Conciliationist Moods, October 2, 1928)

Letter to Karl Radek (Analogies with Thermidor, October 20, 1928)

On the Situation in Russia – A Letter to a Comrade (October 21, 1928

Letter to Oppositionists exiled in Cheboksary (How to Criticize the Centrists, October 22, 1928)

Letter to Teplov (An Ultraleft Caricature of Stalin, October 22, 1928)

Letter to Borodai (Our Differences with the Democratic Centralists, November 11, 1928)

Philosophical Tendencies of Bureaucratism (December 1928)

Our Differences with the Democratic Centralists (December 1928)

Crisis in the Right-Center Bloc (December 1928)

On the Topics of the Day (December 1928)

Letter to an intransigent Oppositionist (December 1928)

Marxism and the Relation Between Proletarian and Peasant Revolution (December 1928)

What Is the 'Smychka'? (December 1928)

Reply to an Ultimatum (December 16, 1928)

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