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Letter to the AUCP(B) Delegation (Problems of the Comintern, January 18, 1927)

Letter to the Members of the Central Committee (For an Objective Assessment, February 21, 1927)

Letter to Karl Radek (Second Letter to Radek, March 4, 1927)

National Aspects of Politics in Kazakhstan (March 11, 1927)

A Brief Note (March 22, 1927)

Letter to Alsky (March 29, 1927)

Letter to the Politburo of the AUCP(B) Central Committee (March 31, 1927)

Letter on the German “Lefts” (Excerpts, April 2, 1927)

Class Relations in the Chinese Revolution (April 3, 1927

Stalin, the Peasant, and the Gramophone (April 14, 1927)

The Anglo-Russian Committee and Comintern Policy (April 16, 1927?)

Letter to the Eastern Secretariat of the ECCI (The Friendly Exchange of Portraits Between Stalin and Jiǎng Jièshí, April 18, 1927)

Declaration of the Eighty-four (May 1927, with Zinoviev, Radek et al)

The Chinese Revolution and the Theses of Comrade Stalin (May 7, 1927)

The Communist Party and the Guómíndǎng (May 10, 1927)

The Sure Road (May 12, 1927)

The Struggle for Peace and the Anglo-Russian Committee (May 16, 1927, different version)

Letter to N. K. Krupskaya (May 17, 1927)

A Protest to the Central Control Commission (May 17, 1927)

The Speech of Comrade Chen Duxiu on the Tasks of the Chinese Communist Party (May 17, 1927)

Letter to the Secretariat of the Central Committee (May 18, 1927)

Statement to the Plenum of the ECCI (May 1927)

First Speech on the Chinese Question (May 24, 1927)

Second Speech on the Chinese Question (May 24, 1927)

It Is Time to Understand, Time to Reconsider, and Time to Make a Change (May 27, 1927)

Hankow and Moscow (May 28, 1927)

Is It Not Time to Understand? (May 28, 1927)

Why Have We Not Called for Withdrawal from the Guómíndǎng Until Now? (June 23, 1927)

Two Speeches at a Session of the Central Control Commission (June 24, 1927)

Letter to All Members of the CC of the AUCP(B) (The Party Crisis Deepens, June 27, 1927)

Letter to the CC of the Metal Workers Union (Excerpts, Resolution of the All-Russia Metal Workers Union (July 1, 1927, with Yevdokimov and Zinoviev)

Letter to G. K. Ordzhonikidze (Excerpt, "Defeatism” and Clemenceau, July 11, 1927)

Letter to Golman (To a Member of the “Buffer Group”, July 13, 1927)

Thermidor (Summer 1927)

Letter to the Presidium of the Executive Committee of the Communist International (For a Special Session of the Presidium of the ECCI, July 1927)

The War Danger – The Defense Policy and the Opposition (August 1, 1927, extract, different extract)

Letter to the Joint Plenum of the CC and the CCC of the AUCP(B) (The Opposition’s “Insurrectionism": A Statement on Molotov’s Speech, August 4, 1927, with Zinoviev, Kamenev, Rakovsky et al)

Speech to the Joint Plenum of the CC and the CCC (August 6, 1927)

Statement of the Thirteen (August 8, 1927, with Zinoviev, Kamenev, Rakovsky et al)

Speech at the Joint Plenum of the CC (Protest on Abridgment of the Statement of the Thirteen, August 9, 1927)

Letter to N. Krestinsky or V. Antonov-Ovseenko (Letter on the Tactics of the Opposition, August 12, 1927)

Platform of the Opposition (The Party Crisis and How to Overcome It, September 1927)

What We Gave and What We Got (September 23, 1927, different version)

The “Clémenceau Thesis” and the Party Regime (September 24, 1927)

New Opportunities for the Chinese Revolution, New Tasks, and New Mistakes (September 1927)

Speech to the Presidium of the ECCI (September 27, 1927)

Letter to the PB of the CC, AUCP(B), and the Presidium of the CCC (The Opposition and the Wrangel Officer, October 1, 1927)

The Appeal to Party Members (October 4, 1927)

The Seven-Hour Day (Excerpts, October 10, 1927)

Recognition of the Tsarist Debts (Excerpts, October 12, 1927, with Zinoviev et al)

Letter to the Bureau of Party History (October 21, 1927, extract)

Speech at the CC meeting (The Fear of Our Platform, October 23, 1927)

Letter to a Party Member in the League (How They Corrupt the Communist League of Youth, October 31, 1927)

Our Tone in the Discussion (November 2, 1927)

Countertheses on the Five-Year Plan (Excerpts, November 1927, with Zinoviev, Kamenev, Rakovsky et al)

After a Verbal Zigzag to the Left, a Profound Shift to the Right (Summing Up the Tenth Anniversary Events, November 8, 1927)

Letter to the PB and the Presidium of the CCC (For an Inquiry into the Attacks on Oppositionists, November 9, 1927, with others)

In Memory of A. A. Joffe (November 19, 1927, different version)

The Opposition “Statement” and the Situation in the Party (November 20, 1927)

Letter to the Presidium of the Fifteenth Congress of the AUCP(B) (The Statement of the 121, December 3, 1927, with Zinoviev, Kamenev, Rakovsky, Radek et al)

documented: Zinovievist Statement to the Fifteenth Congress (December 10, 1927)

Statement to the Fifteenth Congress (December 10, 1927)

At a New Stage (December 15, 1927, extract)

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