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Letter to N. I. Bukharin (Three Letters to Bukharin, January 9, 1926)

Next Tasks for Worker Correspondents (Speech to the All-Union Conference of Worker Correspondents of Rabochaya Gazeta)

To the Memory of Sergei Essenin (January 19, 1926)

From a speech to the 6th Congress of Textile Workers (January 29, 1926)

Culture and Socialism (Extract, February 2, 1926)

On the Tempo and Timescale of the Revolution (February 11, 1926)

From Two poles of the workers movement (February 15, 1926)

Europe and America (February 15, 1926)

Radio, Science, Technique and Society (March 1, 1926)

Letter to N. I. Bukharin (Three Letters to Bukharin, March 4, 1926)

Brailsford and Marxism (March 14, 1926)

Letter to N. I. Bukharin (Three Letters to Bukharin, March 19, 1926)

Problems of Our Policy with Respect to China and Japan (March 25, 1926)

Amendments to Rykov’s Resolution (On the Economic Situation in the USSR, Excerpts, April 12, 1926)

Notes on Economic Questions (The Law of Socialist Accumulation, the Planning Principle, the Rate of Industrialization, and — Lack of Principles, May 2, 1926)

Once more on Pacifism and Revolution (May 3, 1926)

Addendum (to Problems of the British Labour Movement, May 6,1926)

Problems of the British Labour Movement (May 19, 1926)

From For Quality, Against Bureaucratism, For Socialism! (May 28, 1926)

Letter to the the Politburo (Party Bureaucratism and Party Democracy, June 6, 1926)

The General Strike (June 28,1926)

Speech to the Polish Commission of the Comintern (July 2, 1926, quoted in Piłsudskism, Fascism, and the Character of Our Epoch)

Declaration of the Thirteen (July 1926, with Zinoviev, Kamenev, Krupskaya et al.)

For Equalization of Wages (July 11, 1926)

Letter to the Plenum of the CC and the CCC (Excerpts, The Elections to the Soviets, July 1926, with Zinoviev, Kamenev, Krupskaya et al.)

Letter to Karl Radek (First Letter to Radek, August 30, 1926)

The Russian Opposition: Questions and Answers (September 1926)

In Defense of the Opposition Bloc (September 1926)

The Chinese Communist Party and the Guómíndǎng (September 27, 1926)

Party Unity and the Danger of Split (Early October 1926)

Is Discussion Needed? (Early October 1926)

Statement of the Opposition (October 16, 1926, with Zinoviev, Kamenev et al.)

Speech to the Fifteenth Conference (November 1, 1926)

Theses on Revolution and Counterrevolution (November 26, 1926, extract)

Speech to the Seventh (Enlarged) Plenum of the ECCI (An Answer to the Stalinist Critics, December 9, 1926, extract)

Letter to the Presidium of the Seventh Enlarged Plenum of the ECCI (Why the Opposition Will Vote Against the Resolution on Stalin’s Report, December 14, 1926, with Zinoviev and Kamenev)

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