Women's Fellowship
This group meets at St Mark's every Tuesday at 2:30pm, with a varied programme of talks on a wide range of topics and also Bible studies. 

Evening Home Group
All Souls' has its own evening Home Group, which meets at 8pm at various homes in the area once a fortnight (usually a Wednesday). The group aims to discuss issues with a Christian theme and to study the Bible. This is a very informal group with the emphasis on practical problems and issues and there is no obligation to contribute unless you wish to do so. 

Day time Home Group
There is also an informal day time group which meets fortnightly on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at around 10am in the Vicarage. The group meets to learn more about God and the Bible, children are welcome.

We are always looking for ways to make ourselves known to others and to make it easier for them to approach us. If you have any suggestions to make as to how we might do this, we would very much appreciate your ideas.

Please contact us at any of our Services or Events or by e-mail.