Past Shows

South Valley Youth Theater is proud to have so many shows under their belt! 

To begin with, South Valley Youth Theater did Metaphasia. This was a very fun show that brought in many talented and fun people. Metaphasia is the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses told with a much more modern flair. Although it was only our first show, Metaphasia caused South Valley Youth Theater to get its name out there and established us as an awesome youth theater.

Next, South Valley Youth Theater did Robin Hood. This summer show blew everyone away with it's talented young men and ladies. Although different from the traditional story, Robin Hood: Tales of Ye Merry Woode brought many new people to the program, and was a roaring success. From the dashing Robin Hood to the villainous Prince John, the lovely Maid Marian to the conniving Lady Kate, and everyone in-between, this show surpassed everyone's expectations and brought about even more attention than before. 

After Robin Hood, South Valley Youth Theater put on Disney's Beauty and the Beast. This show is particularly impressive as it is the first show SVYT did that has also been on Broadway. Other reputable theater's have taken up to seven years to get to that level, and on our third show, we put on a quality performance of a beloved classic. The audience was enchanted with our beautiful Belle's, our lovely Lumiere, and our garish Gaston, as well as every other character that graced the stage. Beauty and the Beast was certainly a growing experience for everyone involved!

After that, South Valley Youth Theater put on A Little Princess. This show was special for a couple of reasons. First, it was primarily youth led. From Youth Directors to Youth Choreographers to Youth Music Directors and even Youth Stage Crew and Tech Crew, youth were the ones filling most of the leadership positions in the show. Not only that, but A Little Princess took our mission to work with youth of all abilities to the next level by incorporating the deaf community. Our two deaf cast members became everyone's favorite, and deaf members of the community flocked to the show. This was also a wonderful learning experience by encouraging all of our youth to get out of their shells and learn to communicate with people in a new and exciting way.

Next was our fifth show: Into the Woods. South Valley Youth Theater had been around for only a little over a year, and already we had produced two Broadway musicals. Into the Woods was by far one of the most talented productions South Valley Youth Theater has ever done. Because of the reputation we established through the excellent quality of our previous shows, many new people came to audition for Into the Woods. With a more mature cast, as most people were 14-18, and a very high level of dedication from all of the cast members, this elite show was a wonderful success.

We then performed our sixth show, Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance. This delightfully humorous classic was an instant hit with both the cast and the audience, and was wonderfully performed for such a young cast! Overall, the Pirates of Penzance was a fantastic show, and one that we all loved. 

After that, South Valley Youth Theater returned to a show that had been performed by many of the youth a few years previous: Wonderland! This wacky musical is a spin-off of Disney's Alice in Wonderland, and includes such fun characters as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Hatta, Humpty Dumpty, and the Red and White King and Queen's. In this musical misadventure, we again hit our mission of inclusion home by again welcoming the Deaf community into our show. We performed at the Sanderson Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and the show was a hit! 

Next, South Valley Youth Theater performed Narnia. This beautiful musical was wonderful for all ages, and told an enchanting story with an even more important message of love and hope.  This show was again very special through its wonderful incorporation of the Deaf Community (one of our white witch's/ an assistant choreographer is Deaf, and she helped us to incorporate sign language into the show!), along with being lead by student director's again. If there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that we love to not only include everyone, but to educate everyone through offering our youth opportunities to lead and grow. 

Next, SVYT performed its ninth show-- Seussical the Musical. This wonky, fun, and imaginative show brought the works of Dr. Seuss to life, with some favorite childhood characters thrown into quite the conundrum. This show was one for the books in terms of talent, fun, and cast cohesion. We welcomed many new and old cast members into the show, and it went absolutely incredibly!

Following that, SVYT put on another crowd favorite: Disney's The Little Mermaid. I guess you could say the show went swimmingly (pun intended). The bright colors, huge cast, and familiar songs had the audience and cast grinning from beginning to end. It was a wonderful show to mark our TENTH SHOW!

Following this, SVYT performed a crowd favorite-- Annie the musical. This fun show was a brilliant rendition and allowed some of our youngest actors to truly shine. Next came our Sondheim Revue, directed by Tanner Tate. It was such a fun show for our very first revue. After this came The Wizard of Oz, performed at the Viridian Events Center. 

Now, we're just about to perform Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, a super fun and exciting show. We will have auditions for Sweeney Todd, an elite cast show, coming up soon!