MAMA MIA CAST LIST!!! Thank you for auditioning for SVYT’s Mama Mia. The parent meeting for new parents and new young adults to the SVYT program will have a parent meeting on November 7 at 6:30pm. ALL CAST will have their first read through on November 7 at 7:15pm at the same location as auditions. The $55 cast fees are due at that time. You will be receiving forms to fill out online in the upcoming days. Please send us an email @ to let us know if you accept ...your part and to make sure we have your email working correctly to send out the calendar, weekly reminders etc. If you have any questions please feel free to email your director Jeremiah Sandberg at: SVYTMAMMAMIA@GMAIL.COM

Titan Cast

Sophie=#37Holly S.

Donna=#14 Sammie D.

Sam= #12 Joshua

Harry=#7 Elijah

Bill=#30 Jayven

Sky= #38 Mckay M.

Tanya=#19 Kate G

Rosie=#27 Jordynn B

Lisa=#64 Kenna M

Ali=#11 Morgan M

Pepper=# 23 Owen P

Eddie=#39 Jack R

Olympian Cast

Sophie=#33 Brooklyn

Donna=#18 Chantel G

Sam= # 31 Tyler R(&Sky understudy for opposite cast) Harry= # 7 Elijah

Bill=#69 Kade C.

Sky= #38 Mckay M.

Tanya=#67 Sierra

Rosie=#16 Wisper

Lisa=#24 Brynndi

Ali=#29 Titi

Pepper=# 23 Owen

Eddie=#32 Trent R

ENSEMBLE #1 Lydia P, #2 Erin, #3 Lindsey, #4 Kassie, #5 Vanessa, #6 Amelia, #8 Kara, #9 Dakodah, #10 Chloe, #13 Wendy, #15 Avery, #20 Judy, #21 Mariangel, #22 Devon, #25 Liz, #28 Nicole, #34 Zachary P., #35 Emma W, #42 Sydnee, # 72 Emma R, #45 Emily, #4 ½ Ethan, #43 Ryan, # 68 Kyna, #70 Julia D., #71 Jaylee M., #72 Mariam I, #36 Krystal, #66 Rileigh M. ( M. All men, Ali and Pepper are in the ensemble in opposite cast.)

We are incredibly excited for this show!!!  9563 Skye Park rd, South Jordan. $55 cast fee is due at that time. Please send an email to  to let us know you accept your part right away. This allows us to make sure we get the correct email for sending out future rehearsal updates. Our cast read through will be Saturday morning at 10am at the same location.
Rehearsals will start up . A full calendar will be emailed out to you this week. (A) or (B) by your name says which cast you are playing the part in. Please scroll through the entire list as some of you are listed multiple times in different casts. If you have no (A or B) by your name, it means you play the part every night.

Rehearsals will be mostly Tuesday, Thursday Evenings and Saturday days. Solo work will be scheduled with the music director individually.

Performs the end of January to beginning of February Midvale Arts!!!

There is a $55 participation fee and 15-30 minimum ticket sales requirement depending on role you are cast in. If you have further questions or cannot make the audition you may send a video audition it

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