CAST LIST!!!!!!!!!!! There will be covid casting updates this is not 100% accurate

Captain Crewe - Garan
Sara Crewe -Ambree
Becky -Stari
Pierre- Loren
Miss Amelia - Kara
Miss Minchin - Emily
Ermengarde - Maren
Lavinia- Chloe
Lottie - Vivian
Jessie - Audrey
Ruth - Cicely
Mary - Mariam
Young Sara - Alyvia
Ram Dass - Alyssa
Eddie -Brody
Lady -Emma R.
Alf-Colby A.

Captain Crewe - Garan
Sara Crewe - Emma
Becky - Tabitha
Pierre- Colby A.
Miss Amelia - Maddie Miss Minchin - Emily M Ermengarde - Maren Lavinia - MacKenna (Cast A- Young Wife) Lottie - Cadence Jessie -Josie Ruth - Addie Mary -Caroline Young Sara -Kallie Ram Dass -Alyssa Eddie - Braeden Lady -Emma R. Alf-Loren Y.

Helen -Lexi
Cynthia -Natalie
Kate - Eden R
Maize - Jenna Nora - Aubrey M.
Janet - Hannah Z.

Mr. Barrow - Eli M
Jacque - Wendy
Charles - Liz
Henri - Chantel
Pearle - Alexandria
Cook - Amelia (Young Wife cast B)
Constable Hart - Connor

Parents - The Fisher Parents

ENSEMBLE #6 Alexandria, #18 Kallie, #19 Alyvia, #25 Wendy, #39 Rachel, #55 Hannah, #49 Mariam, #58 Liz, #64 Chantel, Eleanor

Maren, Caroline, Jenna, Natalie, Emma, Cadence


We are incredibly excited for this show!!!  Read through at 5pm and Parent meeting at 7:30pm 9563 Skye Park rd, South Jordan. $60 cast fee is due at that time. Please send an email to  to let us know you accept your part right away. This allows us to make sure we get the correct email for sending out future rehearsal updates.

There is a $60 participation fee and 15-30 minimum ticket sales requirement depending on role you are cast in. If you have further questions or cannot make the audition you may send a video audition it

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