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Prop List

posted Jan 31, 2014, 2:54 PM by Unknown user
The following is a list of props/set pieces needed to make our show, "A Little Princess" successful. Please email us at if you have any of the following props/set pieces.

·         Marketplace items—carts, stores, bread, flowers, meat, baskets for shoppers, beer/mugs

·         Doll (Emily); should look new

·         Newspapers—old fashioned if at all possible

·         Décor for parlor—couches, bookshelves, books, drapery, etc

·         Tea Set—cups, tray, pot

·         Music box—needs to work

·         Textbooks—old fashioned and similar if at all possible; should be able to be covered if borrowed/donated

·         Desks/Chairs/Benches for seminary girls; if benches, they need to be long; need to be easily moved

·         Chalkboard—possibly 3 may be needed, one would work; needs to be easily moved

·         Cleaning Items—rag, bucket, etc.

·         Old fashioned phone—possibly 2 may be needed; don’t need to work

·         Air-raid siren noise

·         Things for Sara’s room—beautiful dresses, wardrobe, comforter, toys, dolls, pillows; can be borrowed, won’t actually be used

·         Fancy cookies—could be either edible or inedible

·         Bench for garden—big enough for two people

·         Stack of papers (should be important-looking; could pass for tests or documents)

·         Large packages/wrapped presents; need to be able to open repeatedly without damaging.

·         Party decorations

·         Presents (suggested are  books, new dress, and doll; books can be previously used, doll should be large and expensive looking)

·         Small package and card (should be able to open repeatedly without damaging)

·         Small pillow, preferably embroidered

·         Small, dirty, old, comforter for attic

·         Pictures of MIA or passed soldiers (possibly a tribute to someone specific?)

·         Table

·         Cot

·         Gun *NEEDS TO BE FAKE*

·         Cooking/Kitchen things—bowls, ingredients, spoons, knives, trays, etc

·         Biscuits

·         Letter

·         Old coats, gloves, scarves (costuming ensemble in market scene)

·         Buns; edible is preferable

·         Briefcase

 ·         Archway for the garden