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Disney's The Little Mermaid Cast List

posted Apr 4, 2016, 9:09 AM by Bridges Eatchel

Thank you everyone for coming and auditioning for The Little Mermaid. What an amazing group of talented youth you all are. We are so excited to work with all of you! Please send an email to if you accept the role. Parents meeting will be Wednesday night. We will send you the parent forms and meeting information, once you have sent the confirmation of your part. Unfortunately we could not cast everyone, and we hope that you will come audition for us again in the future.

Mackenzie H #13; Navie S #129

Eric: Patrick H #38; Gage W #153
Triton: Bryan B #105; Jesse B #170 
Pilot: Spencer B #110; Gabriel B #62
Aquata: Brienna M #132; Abigail A #82
Allana: Alexis S #76; Taci M #147
Arista: Charlize P #75; Audrey A #16
Andrina: Kaylee K #89; Carlie C #102
Atina: Tyra W #6; Jenna O #91
Adella: Ashley M #2; Savannah C #120
Chef Louis: Caden L #145; Gavin H #14
Sailors/Chefs: Trey C #7; ; Brodyn S #47; Dallin B #61; Logan B #63; Parker L #124; William C #125; Cole C #126; Thomas S #136; Madden F #146; Parker La #150
Scuttle: Ally M #58; Kenna #15
Sebastian: Aedan H #60; Jayda T #17
Ursula: Brooklyn A #81; Karlee #114
Seagull/Maid: Katilyn C #19; Taeya P #29; Veronika C #36; Emily M #46; Beth W #73; Shelby S #79; Shae P #112; Kate G #131; Olivia T #141
Carlota the Maid: Megan P #127
Eels: Lauren C #3; Alex #28; Addison D #20; Jamison C #55
Grimsby: Ethan P #87; Jarod D #134
Flounder: Cameron C #104; Nick I #71
Winward: Reese H #12
Linward: Madison M #52
Princess/waves: Amanda K #1; Jayna L #26; Arianna B #30; Katelyn A #40; Isabelle S #48; Ali Z #50; Katie Z #51; Emma O #67; Makenna A #84; Mikayla B #94; Emma T #106; Michele S #115; Alison P #128; Keri G #133; Lizz S #135; Hailey A #140;
Under the Sea Ensemble: Rachel C #4; Haydn W #5; Fletcher C #8; Macy C #9; Alexis L #10; EmmaRay R #18; Cadence F #21; Addison F #22; Emma F #23; Addaly A #24; Callie R #25; Jessica W #27; Mariah B #31; Austin S #32; Kerisa A #33; Briley A #34; Marie H #37; Amber A #39; Elizabeth A #41; Nyah G #42; Brynn H #43; BreAnn H #44; Sarah R #45; Rachel I #49; Lucy C #53; Aria C #54; Bella C #56; Kelsee T #57; Hailey Hi #59; Mallory M #64; Emory M #65; Ian O #66; Kate C #68; Mikayla C #69; Gabi C #70; Madi P #74; Madilyn L #72; Avery K #77; Ellie L #78; Sydnee L #80; Oakley A #83; Dakota A #85; Kynzee D #86; Maren P #88; Avery J #90; Danielle V #92; Ella B #93; Alyssa B #95; Hailey B #96; Alexandria G #98; Megan G #99; Hailey Ha #100; Bridger C #101; Jadyn C #103; Jade C #108; Noah T #109; Amanda M #111; Shambrey B #113; Eadie J #116; Charly M #117; Lindsey B #118; Lauren B #119; Lily C #121;Audrey C #122; Ashlyn L #123; Tallie S #130; Joseph S #137; Jade K #139; Jenna D #142; Elisha K #143; Mackenzy Hi #144; Malynn M #148; Peyton C #149; Paige J #151; Lauren P #152; Laura H #154; Mason J #158; Tyla J #160; Tyla J #160; Mariam I #163; Alivia L #164; Daniel I #165; Essie S #166; Xander S #167

Seussical Cast List

posted Nov 4, 2015, 10:55 AM by Bridges Eatchel

Mariam I - Young Kangaroo
Alissa H - Who
Cami H - Bird girl
Caden H - General
Audrey C - Gertrude
Avery J - Mrs. Mayor/Who
Rachel H - Wickersham
Nicole - Thing Two
Hunter T - Wickersham
Bryce S - Horton/Grinch
Karlee C - Sour Kangaroo/Jungle Creature
Charly M - Jungle Creature
Ella D - Who
Brandon W - Mr Mayor/Who
Ethan P - Wickersham
Alexis L - Who
Braeden L - Mr Mayor/Who
Shae P - Bird girl
Ashlee M - Bird girl
Austin S - Bird girl
Kate G - Mayzie/Jungle Creatures
Addison F - Young Kangaroo/Who
Cadence F - Elephant Bird/Who
Emma F - JoJo/Who
Emma O - Gertrude/Jungle Creature
Hayden W - Vlad/Yertle the Turtle/Jungle Creature
Lacey - Jungle Creature
Ryder M - JoJo/Who
Reese H - Cindy Lou Who
Makenna S - Mrs. Mayor/Who
Maisy S - Who
Aedan H - Cat in the Hat/Jungle Creature
Alexandria G - Who
Cassia G - Who
Hailey S - Thing 1
Mikaela H - Max the dog
Mirabella S - Who
Patrick H - Cat in the Hat
Nic H - Horton/Grinch
Madi P - Bird girl
Savannah C - Specialty dancer/Hunch
Sammie C - Sour Kangaroo/Jungle Creature
Abigail P - Mayzie/Jungle Creature

Upcoming Seussical Audtions

posted Oct 9, 2015, 7:32 AM by Bridges Eatchel

Hey Everyone!
Get ready to get your goofy on, because auditions for Seussical are right around the corner! This awesome show is full of fun characters of all ages, shapes, sizes, genders, and names! You definitely don't want to miss it!

Want to get a head start on which part you might be interested in? Here's the character list for the show! Remember, a lot of these are just recommendations. We encourage the youth to try for whichever parts they're interested in, because you never know what can happen. 

The Cat in the Hat- Recommended age: 14 and up. Male or Female
Horton- Recommended age: 14 and up. 
JoJo- Recommended age: 8-12. Male or Female
Gertrude- Recommended age: 12 and up. 
Mayzie- Recommended age: 12 and up.

Supporting Characters:
Sour Kangaroo- Recommended age: 14 and up. 
Young Kangaroo- Recommended age: 6-10. 
The Mayor- Recommended age: 8 and up. 
Mrs. Mayor- Recommended age: 8 and up. 
General Genghis Khan Schmitz- Recommended age: 8 and up. 
Wickersham Brothers- Recommended age: 12 and up. 
Bird Girls- Recommended age: 12 and up.

Ensemble Characters/ Characters with 1 or more lines:
The Grinch- Any Age. 
Yertle the Turtle- Any Age. 
Vlad Vladikoff- Any Age. 
The Hunters- Any Age. 6-8 members. Male or Female
The Cadets- Any Age. 7-9 members. Male or Female
The Hunches- Any Age. Male or Female.
The Bailiff- Recommended age: 10 and up. Male or Female.
Mr. McGurkus- Any Age.
Jose the Pool Boy- Any Age.
Thing 1- Any Age.
Thing 2- Any Age.
The Who’s- Any Age.
The Jungle Creatures- Any Age. This group needs some good dancers.
Circus Performers- Any Age. Good dancers, unique talents, tumblers, baton twirlers, gymnasts, etc…
Cindy Lou Who: Age 4-6
Elephant Bird: Age 4-6

Not sure being in the show is for you? We're looking for incredibly youth and adult volunteers to help with the production process. If you're interested, please email and she can get you hooked up. We love to educate our youth about all aspects of the production process, from acting to directing to lighting and sound, so even if you're a total novice in the realm of stage crew, we would love your help!

Prop List

posted Jan 31, 2014, 2:54 PM by Unknown user

The following is a list of props/set pieces needed to make our show, "A Little Princess" successful. Please email us at if you have any of the following props/set pieces.

·         Marketplace items—carts, stores, bread, flowers, meat, baskets for shoppers, beer/mugs

·         Doll (Emily); should look new

·         Newspapers—old fashioned if at all possible

·         Décor for parlor—couches, bookshelves, books, drapery, etc

·         Tea Set—cups, tray, pot

·         Music box—needs to work

·         Textbooks—old fashioned and similar if at all possible; should be able to be covered if borrowed/donated

·         Desks/Chairs/Benches for seminary girls; if benches, they need to be long; need to be easily moved

·         Chalkboard—possibly 3 may be needed, one would work; needs to be easily moved

·         Cleaning Items—rag, bucket, etc.

·         Old fashioned phone—possibly 2 may be needed; don’t need to work

·         Air-raid siren noise

·         Things for Sara’s room—beautiful dresses, wardrobe, comforter, toys, dolls, pillows; can be borrowed, won’t actually be used

·         Fancy cookies—could be either edible or inedible

·         Bench for garden—big enough for two people

·         Stack of papers (should be important-looking; could pass for tests or documents)

·         Large packages/wrapped presents; need to be able to open repeatedly without damaging.

·         Party decorations

·         Presents (suggested are  books, new dress, and doll; books can be previously used, doll should be large and expensive looking)

·         Small package and card (should be able to open repeatedly without damaging)

·         Small pillow, preferably embroidered

·         Small, dirty, old, comforter for attic

·         Pictures of MIA or passed soldiers (possibly a tribute to someone specific?)

·         Table

·         Cot

·         Gun *NEEDS TO BE FAKE*

·         Cooking/Kitchen things—bowls, ingredients, spoons, knives, trays, etc

·         Biscuits

·         Letter

·         Old coats, gloves, scarves (costuming ensemble in market scene)

·         Buns; edible is preferable

·         Briefcase

 ·         Archway for the garden


posted Jan 31, 2014, 2:49 PM by Unknown user

The following is a link to the page in which the rehearsal schedule has been posted. Check there frequently to see when you need to be at rehearsal. Also, don't forget we have a read through and get to know you activities at our first rehearsal, February 1st, 2014 from 11:00-2:00 at the Bingham Creek Library. See you there!

For the complete rehearsal schedule, click here.

Follow Us On Our New Twitter Account

posted Jan 26, 2014, 8:00 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 27, 2014, 6:25 PM ]

For more information on auditions, callbacks, up coming events, and more up to date information about the South Valley Youth Theater, follow us on our new Twitter account. 


posted Jan 26, 2014, 6:20 PM by Unknown user

The South Valley Youth Theater would like to give a big thank you and congratulations to everyone who auditioned. These decisions were very hard to make, as we had so many talented people audition. We are so excited to work with each and every one of you, and we hope you realize that ever single part is crucial to making the show successful.
Thank you again to everyone who auditioned! This is going to be a truly great show!

Sara Crewe: Savannah C., Brooklyn A.
Captain Crewe: Jaden M.
Pierre: Carson l
Amelia: Daryll M, Hannah P.
Miss Minchin: Bridgit T, Hannah Col.
Eddie: Nate G, Dallin C.
Mr. Barrow: Colby A, Zach T.
Alf: Joe F.
Pearl: Brooke B, Emily L.
Ram Dass: AnnDee W.
Jacques: Nazih A.
Charles: Jared B.
Henri: Hali W, Zaylie O.
Constable Hart: Chito B.
Ermendarde: Megan P, Amanda K.
Lavinia: Ashlynn L, Hannah J.
Becky: Audrey A, Julia A.
Jessie: Audrey C, Rylan B.
Mary: Paris S, Maria B.
Ruth: Makenna A, Alice W.
Lottie: Emma F, Lizzy B.
Seminary Girls: Nellie W, Avery J.
Lady: Stephanie H, Katie H.
Cook: Jenny T, Jessie C.
Flower Girl: Rachel R.
Young Wife: Oliva M.
Father: Chito B.
Mother: Hannah Car.
Shopper 1: Sierra T.
Shopper 2: Zack B.
Shopper 3: Anthony M.
Monger 1: Elizabeth A.
Monger 2: Dakota A.
Ensemble: Braedon L, Alexis L, Ella K, Oakly A, Cristina B, Angelina B, Matzi M, Jaden G, Andrew A.

Parent Meeting

posted Jan 26, 2014, 11:48 AM by Cassie Lorensen

Parent Meeting will be at Sammie Calkins (4997 Cherry Laurel Ln. West Jordan, UT) house on Thursday January 30th at 6pm.


posted Oct 17, 2013, 8:30 AM by Cassie Lorensen

Hi Everyone!

Sell those tickets!!  If you need more let Penny know.  As you sell them, please bring in the money.  Let's have a great show and sell all of our tickets!

T-shirt design contest

posted Oct 3, 2013, 8:33 AM by Cassie Lorensen

Hi Cast!

Make sure to vote on the T-shirt design you would like by Saturday, Oct 5, 2013.  Email your vote to

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