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Les Mis Headshots

Les Miserables 2018

Parent/Cast Meeting Information

CONTACT INFORMATION (if you will be late/have a question/etc)

·         Bridges Sayers: Director

o   216-420-3401 (texting is better, but you can call as well)


·         Jeannine Hawkins: Music Director

o   801-833-9251

·         Kambri Hatton: Choreographer

o     801-598-5968


  • Some of you have already been cast on your off-nights, so please check the list to see if you have already been given a specific role.
  • Soloing barricade boys will play unnamed, unsoloing barricade boys on their off-nights (except Marius).
  • Valjean, Cosette, Marius, Fantine, and Eponine will not be in the ensemble on their off-nights. This is done to help save their voices. We do invite them to come help backstage and to join the Finale number as well, but it is not required!
  • If you have questions about your off-night performances, please email Bridges and ask! If you do not want to be in the cast on your off-night, please email her as well (we understand).


·         All cast members are required to pay a Cast Fee of $55 to participate

o   This includes the price of 1 t-shirt

o   Families will not be required to pay more than $100 for the cast fee and will be charged an extra $15 per t-shirt they want (2 included in the $100 cost)

o   Immediate families will not be required to sell more than 30 tickets.

·         All cast members are required to sell a set number of tickets based on the size of their role. Families with individuals in lead roles must sell 30 tickets. Families with individuals in supporting roles must sell 20 tickets. Families with no individuals in lead or supporting roles must sell 15 tickets. 

o   We do not want an individual to be unable to participate in our program because of the financial commitment. If you feel the cost of dues or ticket sales may prevent you from participating in our program, please speak to a member of the production staff about alternative methods of contribution.

Paying your cast fee online:



·         Tickets cost $6 if purchased within a week of the cast meeting, $7 online (online sales end 1 week before opening night), $8 at the door

·         Dates for tickets purchased can be changed until 1 week before opening night. The person who purchased them just needs to email


·         It has changed slightly (though not too much) from the original one posted online. We will do our absolute best to release you from long rehearsals early. We will also only ask the young ones to be at select rehearsals/run-throughs.

·         We reserve the right to cancel any rehearsals if we feel they are not necessary. We will not schedule additional mandatory rehearsals. We may add additional OPTIONAL music rehearsals for people who want to work with Jeannine more on a specific piece.

·         You will be emailed each week with a reminder of the upcoming week’s schedule, and who needs to be at which rehearsals at which times.

·         You can also use the Remind App!


      We have a new way to receive another reminder of rehearsals. If you are interested there is an app called Remind. We will send out a reminder the day of rehearsal of who needs to be there. You can sign up by one of the following ways:
1. Sign up by sending @svytlm to 81010
2. You can go to
3. If you have the remind app you can put in the class code @svytlm

·         Solo work will be held at Jeannine Hawkins home: 3409 West Millerberg Way West Jordan, Utah 84084

·         All other rehearsals will be held at Constitution Park (7000 S 3200 W, West Jordan, Utah).

·         Tech rehearsals and performances will be held at SLCC Alder Amphitheater


·         The only absences that will be considered excused are those already submitted and emergencies (such as illness).

·         Other absences will be counted as unexcused. If you accumulate more than 3 unexcused absences, you may be removed from your role.

·         If you find out you must miss a rehearsal that you are scheduled to be at, you must email ASAP.

·         If you do not sign in at the beginning of rehearsals/when you arrive (if excused late), it will count towards your unexcused absences.


·         We will post video recordings of choreography and scenes on our website (cast corner) and/or Facebook group (Les Mis Cast). We expect you to review anything you miss, whether for an excused or unexcused absence.

·         We will also do our best to post recordings of the group numbers (including part break downs) for people to rehearse music. You are expected to rehearse music on your own time in addition to at scheduled rehearsals. You should come to blocking with the music for those scenes memorized and comfortable.


·         All lead and supporting roles will have a headshot and bio in the playbill. All ensemble roles will have a headshot in the playbill.

·         Headshots will be taken at the parent/cast meeting. We will schedule a make-up day for those unable to attend the parent/cast meeting.

·         For lead/supporting roles: Bios must be under 100 words. They must be emailed to by Sunday June 10th at noon, no exceptions. If you do not have it in, you will not have a bio.