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Les Miserables 2018

Cast B Highlight Reel

South Valley Youth Theater presents Les Miserables
Cast A Review
Sofia Sparacino

"South Valley Youth Theatre’s production of ‘Les Miserables’ was most enjoyable because of their casting of strong leads."

"Lauren Crockett, who played Cosette, had a vocal range most refined than audiences have ever heard, which captured her character very well. Watching her scene, ‘A Heart Full of Love’ made the illusion of attending a professional staged production of the show. Lauren is bound for bigger things in her musical career. Veronica Kyker, who played Fantine, displayed emotion and pure character in her performance more than any other. Her piece truly pulled the audience to the edge of their seats, continuously wanting more. Not only was Veronica vocally perfect for this role, but she had the acting skills to pull every ounce of her energy into her performance. That is a quality of an amazing actor. Avery Kenison, who played Eponine, had a very clear understanding of her character and the audience loved listening and watching her during her performance."

"Another impressive aspect of this all-youth cast, was the amount of males in their cast. It is extremely difficult to find males to be in a production, let alone so many talented young-men! Jeremiah Sandberg stole this show from his first step on stage, to the final bows. Playing the role of Enjolras, this strong vocalist didn’t need a mic, and I’m sure didn’t need any kind of training for this show. Every aspect of this actor was completely riveting and every scene he was in, the audience was dying for more. Max Carter, playing Marius, was also a perfect cast for this character. His innocence and strong vocals were a great match for his Cosette, Lauren Crockett. I was equally impressed with Thomas Bullen, who played the role of Gavroche. His character was full of energy, and was loveable throughout the show. I could not have pictured a better casting for this character from the other actors I had witnessed. By far, my favorite ‘perfect-casting’ was actors, Thomas Stay and Hailey Sewell. Even from earlier scenes in the show, Hailey was a phenomenal actress in the ensemble pieces she was in, constantly catching the audience's eyes’ and that is what is important about the ensemble casting! Thomas was consistently full of energy and kept in character during the entire show, it was wonderful to watch him, and his partner, Hailey did an incredible job displaying her character and by the end of the show, I was completely in love with her! They both were the silly, yet simplistic versions of their characters. Although, I do wish I had seen more eccentric dancing from ensemble during their primary scene, ‘Master of the House’."

"As far as a youth show, it was much better than expected. The props and characters were exceptional, all props were seemingly real and made, and costumes were correct to the time era, scene and gender. Head Costumer, Jessie Ibrahim does an exceptional job, very impressive."

    "While this show has come to a close, I highly recommend attending future shows involving director, Bridges Sayers. For the most part, everything was clean and well-run, who I give credit to an amazing director, who works the hardest to provide such a great production when directing children. ‘South Valley Youth Theatre’ has a wonderful setup, once their sound production improves and works on eye-contact and audience engagement with their actors, energy with ensemble members, and backstage manners on track, this production could be easily comparable with professional productions around the nation. I highly recommend attending future shows!"

Les Miserables Virtual Playbill

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