South Shore School
4800 S. Henderson, Seattle, WA 98118    
(206) 252-7600 Main Office
(206) 252-7604 Attendance Office

School Hours

Elementary School 

8:05 am to 2:15 pm

Middle School 

7:55 am to 2:25 pm 

Principal Laurie Morrison

Assistant Principal & Director of Early Learning Geri Guerrero

Assistant Principal, Middle School Justin Hendrickson

Our four school wide expectations and commitments:
   I am safe.
   I am kind.
   I am respectful.
   I am a learner everyday with myself and others.  


Together we create a loving community of purposeful learning that focuses on the whole child: body, mind and spirit.


We view each child as a bright spirit on a magnificent journey in our quest to contribute powerfully to the healing of humanity and Mother Earth.

Our Values

Awareness:   I strive to be present and conscious of my feelings and my choices.  I am sensitive to how my words and actions impact my life, those around me, and my world.  

Honesty:  I listen to and speak from my heart.   I tell my truth, my whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  

Responsibility:  I am compassionate and loving to myself and others.  I follow my heart and joy.  I work to detach from behaviors that do not serve me anymore.  I work hard, always do my best and respect education as an opportunity to enrich my life.