Soul of A Railway©

by Les Pivnic and Charlie Lewis

Les and Charlie are working together on this project to convey to future generations the essence of a once magnificent transport network in South Africa - the South African Railways - or simply the SAR. 

    In the steam era the SAR was divided into nine systems as follows:

1. Cape Western, based in Cape Town
2. Cape Northern, based in Kimberley
3. Cape Midland, based in Port Elizabeth
4. Cape Eastern, based in East London
5. Orange Free State, based in Bloemfontein
6. Natal, based in Durban
7. Western Transvaal, based in Johannesburg
8. Eastern Transvaal, based in Pretoria
9. South West Africa, based in Windhoek

Charlie is doing systems 1 to 4 while Les is doing systems 5 to 8. Many others have made contributions in telling the story of steam in South Africa. We are especially grateful to all those who have contributed photos and information for captions. Particular thanks to Bruno Martin for providing the beautiful and informative maps accompanying each chapter. Finally, thanks to Robert Wilson of Melbourne for inspiring us to attempt something similar to his FAPs with "the other SAR".