Kais Ben Fredj [S'08] was born in Tunis, Tunisia. He received his Diplome National d'Ingenieur (B.Sc.) from the Higher School of Communications (Sup'Com) in 2006 and the M.Sc. degree in Telecommunications from INRS, Universite du Quebec in 2009. He is currently working towards his PhD in Telecommunications at INRS. His research interests include resource allocation, OFDMA, cognitive radio, spectrum-sharing, performance analysis in fading, shadowing and composite channels, and physical network coding. Mr. Ben Fredj has received an excellency grant during his B.Sc studies in Tunisia from the Ministery of Communications and was recipient of the Tunisian Government excellency scholarship from 2007 to 2011.

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   Journal Articles

  • K. Ben Fredj, S. S. Ikki and S. Aissa, "Performance Analysis of Two-way Opportunistic Decode-and-Forward Based Systems in Nakagami-m Fading Environments'', in revision, IET Communications, Nov. 2013.
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  •  K. Ben Fredj and S. Aissa, "Performance of Amplify-and-Forward Systems with Partial Relay Selection under Spectrum-Sharing Constraints,'' IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 500-504, Feb. 2012. 

   Conference Articles

  • K. Ben Fredj and S. Aissa, "Performance of Spectrum-Sharing Constrained Two-Way Relaying'', IEEE Wireless Commun. and Networking Conf. (WCNC'14), Istanbul, Turkey, Apr. 2014.
  • K. Ben Fredj, S. S. Ikki and S. Aissa, "Two-Way Opportunistic Decode-and-Forward Systems: Ergodic Capacity and Error Probability Performance in Rayleigh Fading Environments,'' IEEE Personal Indoor Mobile Radio Commun. (PIMRC'13), London, UK, Sep. 2013.
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