IMPORTANT NEWS - for the forthcoming AGM on the 26th July

Dear All,

For those who were not present at our previous Talk, you would have missed the announcement regarding the Somerset Dowsers' Committee.

It has now been 3 years since Sarah stepped forward to be the Group's Secretary - having only been back in the County for about a week!  With full time work and other commitments it is now time for Sarah to step back and for someone else to take over.  Sarah has done a vast amount over the last 3 years and running the Group would have been impossible without her - very many thanks!

In addition, Jane who has been in the role of Treasurer for the last 3 years also has decided to step down, to allow someone else to 'juggle the numbers' !   Thanks to Jane for sticking with it over the last few years - I know it has been a headache at times.

After 5 years I too need to step away and focus my energies in other directions, and will therefore be standing down as Chairperson.

I will be happy to stay on the Committee in some capacity (maybe Talks' Organiser), but wish to relinquish my other duties (Webmaster, Librarian, and Acting Events and Outings Organiser).

Avril too, is happy to stay on the Committee.

All of us have said that we will be happy to help with handover to the new team, and provide support in the transition period.

In order for the Group to run we require a bare minimum of :

  • Chairperson,
  • Secretary,
  • and Treasurer.

So now is the time to step forward and support your Group.  This is a great opportunity to take a more active role in the running of our Group and take things forward.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks for all of your support.

Mandy and the Team :)

Other News:


The South West's first Dowsing Festival - DFest SW 18, organised by Somerset Dowsers and Devon Dowsers

took place on the weekend of 23rd & 24th June 2018, in and around South Zeal in Devon

It was a great success with over 100 people attending on each day.

There was an array of Talks, Outings and Workshops, as well as time to socialise and meet with other dowsers.  The Event was open to all, and at minimum cost, and was a great fun weekend. 

Many thanks to all of those who were responsible for the Event, including all of those who gave Talks, ran Workshops and Outings, were Helpers on the weekend, and all of those who attended to make it the great success that it was.

Thankyou !

Special thanks go to Diana Burton and John Stedman of Devon Dowsers who managed the Booking process, enquiries, admin and finances even whilst moving house just shortly before the Event - absolute stars.

Please visit the DFest SW 18 page for a summary article and the Full Event Report

See below for our next Event - AGM + Talk

About Us

Somerset Dowsers is an Affiliated Local Group (ALG) of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD).

We are based in Taunton, Somerset, and welcome Members and guests from around the County, and beyond.  The group has a range of Members from novice to expert and professional dowsers.  You can join the group for a small annual fee, which means you can attend Talks and Outings for free, or you can attend as a guest and pay for each event.  As a Member you can also borrow items from our Library, free of charge.  For more information, see our Membership page.

Our group provides a focal point and network in Somerset for people interested in dowsing.  We help people to learn more about dowsing and its potential applications – through Talks, Outings, Workshops, Training, Events, the Library, and discussion with other Members.  We also provide the opportunity to experience practical dowsing – through Outings, Workshops, and Training.

Our Talks are held at Ruishton Village Hall (near Taunton - see Contact Us page for map), and are free of charge to Members, and cost £3 for Non-Members and guests.  The Talks are generally held on the last Thursday of every other month at 7.30pm, but please check the Schedule in case of any variation. 

If you are a Non-Member wishing to attend a Talk or Outing, please inform our Secretary, as places may be limited - see the Contact Us page for details.

We are also available for talks, events and workshops.  If you are interested, please contact our Chairman for further information - please see the Contact Us page.

Next Event

(7pm for prompt 7.30pm start).

All Guests to please book with our Secretary beforehand.                                                                                  Doors open from 7pm for coffee/tea, biccies, and maybe even cake!                

Our next Event is:

Thu 26th Jul - AGM + Talk - "Did Julius Caesar cross my lawn?" - Gwynn Paulett

Gwynn - one of our Members, and Chair of Devon Dowsers, has kindly stepped in to provide our talk for the evening:

"I dowse out of curiosity, for fun and the greater good. I am not a professional dowser, but over the years one has been asked to dowse for a wide range of subjects. This talk explores a number of requests. The focus will be on the challenge of framing accurate dowsing questions; the ability to get one’s ego out of the way and be unattached to the outcome of ones dowsing; not dowsing your imagination or projections; and how having received a dowsing response we make sense of it either through some research or listening to the anecdotes of others involved with the subject.

Areas included will be finding water courses and water mains; remanence of armies and historical characters; searching for graves on the American prairie; crop circles in North Dakota; locating tunnels and dating when they were made and for what purpose; moving on trapped souls and locating detrimental energies in a garden; working with psychic chords; discovering pig pannage routes in 15th Century Kent; planting out a garden using dowsing; changing energies in water; honouring Guardians of places; and, “losing” your rods."