About Us

Somerset Dowsers is an Affiliated Local Group (ALG) of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD).

We are based in Taunton, Somerset, and welcome Members and guests from around the County, and beyond.  The group has a range of Members from novice to expert and professional dowsers.  You can join the group for a small annual fee, which means you can attend Talks and Outings for free, or you can attend as a guest and pay for each event.  As a Member you can also borrow items from our Library, free of charge.  For more information, see our Membership page.

Our group provides a focal point and network in Somerset for people interested in dowsing.  We help people to learn more about dowsing and its potential applications – through Talks, Outings, Workshops, Training, Events, the Library, and discussion with other Members.  We also provide the opportunity to experience practical dowsing – through Outings, Workshops, and Training.

Our Talks are now held at Ruishton Village Hall (near Taunton - see Contact Us page for map), and are free of charge to Members, and cost £3 for Non-Members and guests.  The Talks are generally held on the last Monday of every other month at 7.30pm, but please check the Schedule in case of any variation. 

If you are a Non-Member wishing to attend a Talk or Outing, please inform our Secretary, as places may be limited - see the Contact Us page for details.

We are also available for talks, events and workshops.  If you are interested, please contact our Chairman for further information - please see the Contact Us page.

Next Event


All Guests to please book with our Secretary beforehand.                                                                                  Doors open from 7pm for coffee/tea, biccies, and maybe even cake!

Wed 26th Jul – Event – Dunster Country Fair

Volunteers Required - Please let Mandy know if you can help

Somerset Dowsers will again be having a stand at the Dunster Country Fair - held on the grounds below Dunster Castle.  This is a major Country Fair in the area with an expected attendance of thousands.  We had a great time at the Fair last year and had a large number of people visit the stand throughout the day.- it was a great opportunity to engage the public and increase knowledge of our Group, the BSD, and dowsing and its many applications.  We look forward to being involved with this great event once again.

Thu 27th Jul - AGM + Talk – Dartmoor Mindscapes: Re-visioning a Sacred Landscape – Peter Knight

Peter returns to give us an inspiring talk about his new ground-breaking book about his research, including profound personal experiences, based on ‘cognitive archaeology’.  He reveals intricate relationships between tor outcrops and other natural features, and stone circles, stone rows, cairns and megaliths.  He proposes how our prehistoric ancestors interacted with notable outcrops, simulacra, rock basins and propped stones; the author gets inside the minds of prehistoric people and their shamans, to walk their Dreamtime.  We are invited to perceive landscapes as being saturated with mythic memory, and Peter suggests ways to interact with the landscape in a more meaningful and mindful way today.  His talk also covers earth energies and dowsing, shamanism, acoustics, astronomical and landscape alignments.  This is followed up with a trip to Dartmoor on August 20th.

Please note - subscriptions are due at the AGM - £12 for the year.