Lo de Natalia & Alberto, la milonga de Melbourne.

Natalia and Alberto host a monthly milonga in Melbourne - Every first Saturday of the month.
@ Liardet Community Centre ,  154 Liardet St Port  Melbourne.

Alberto will be DJ most nights, but we also enjoy inviting guest DJ's  from time to time.

Come and enjoy !!! our friendly atmosphere ;-)

Milonga is a term for a place or an event where tango is danced. People who frequently go to milongas are sometimes called milongueros. The term "milonga" can also refer to a musical genre.

The music played is mainly tangovals and milonga (as the musical genre). Most milongas are held on a regular basis (usually weekly), and they often begin with dancing classes and sometimes demonstration dances. Usually, three to four  songs of a kind are played in a row (this is called tanda) followed by a short musical break (called cortina) to clear the dancefloor and facilitate partner changes. There are a number of informal rules that dictate how dancers should choose their dancing partners.

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