Jairo Rivera Y Amy Teuchert

Tangueros the Argentine tango dance company is directed by performers and teachers Jairo Sanchez Rivera and Amy Georgina Teuchert. 

As one of Australia's most experienced tango dancers, Rivera founded Tangueros in 2000, and the company now teaches, performs and choreographs Tango Argentino, Vals and Milonga. Tangueros promotes the tango culture in Australia through performances, open classes, hosting visiting artists from Argentina, and taking part in cultural and promotional events. 

As part of its ongoing commitment to raising the profile of tango in
Australia, Tangueros has hosted internationally renowned artists and
choreographers. Guest artists have included Pecky Land Zoghby, Gustavo Saenz
and Georgina Vargas, Miguel Angel Zotto and Soledad Rivero, Osvaldo Zotto
and Lorena Ermocida, Carlos and Maria Rivarola, Pablo Veron and Noel
Strazza. In December 2010 / January 2011 they hosted Maria del Carmen Romero
and Jorge Dispari.

With Rivera's sixteen years and Teuchert's nine years of dancing experience
they are two of the most qualified tango teachers in Australia and the
Oceania region. They themselves have studied with Tango's leading maestros
including Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida, Jorge Dispari and Maria "La
Turca" del Carmen, Pablo Veron and Noel Strazza, the Mora Godoy Company,
Laila and Leandro Oliver, Geraldine Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi, Javier
Rodriguez, Ezequiel Farfaro and Milena Plebs, Graciela Gonzalez, Miguel
Angel Zotto and Soledad Rivero, Sergio Cortazo and Gachi Fernandez, Eduardo
and Gloria Arquimbau, Carlos and Maria Rivarola, Kely and Facundo Posadas,
Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games, Roberto Herrera, Guillermina Quiroga.

The couple are innovative teachers who have introduced new concepts, styles,
techniques and movements that set their students apart. Tangueros, together
with Argentine Tango Instructor Pecky Land Zogbhy, were the first to
introduce the popular Milonguero and Salon styles to Australia between 2000
and 2001.

The partnership of Rivera and Teuchert has produced one of the leading
performance couples in Australia, combining skill, knowledge, unmatched
stage presence and artistic expression. Tangueros is one of the only tango
company in Australia that has performed with renowned Argentine Tango
Companies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, including the famed company of Mora

In 2004 Rivera choreographed "Satango -The Devil's Tango", an Australian
musical directed by Wayne Harrison, starring Simon Burke and Sharon

Since the beginning of their partnership in 2005 Rivera and Teuchert have
been invited to perform and teach at events across Australia and  N.Z.

Jairo Sanchez Rivera
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