Performances and Teachers

Natalia and Alberto Cortez ( Solo Tango, Melbourne )

Natalia and Alberto Cortez are from a beautiful town called Mendoza in the North west of Argentina.
They embraced dancing tango in 1994 with the “Buenos Aires Tango” school at the Centro Argentino of Victoria.
In 1995 they participated in many events organised by diverse communities, ethnic organisations and Channel 31Antena Hispana.
In 1996 they created “Solo Tango” and taught and diffused the techniques of Tango to the people worldwide. 
To maintain their high profile organisation and name Alberto and Natalia continue to travel to Argentina to update and introduce
new aspects of dancing to ensure they provide the highest possible standard worldwide.

Since the year 2003 they have been part of numerous tango festivals Nationally and internationally, such as 
The New Zealand Tango Festival, Buenos Aires at the Beach, Organized by Souther Tango , ( Adelaide ) 
Winter Tango Festival, Brisbane, organized by Hugo Fernandez ( Alma de tango)
The Australian Tango Festival , 2002,2003,2004, 2005

Also creators of Spring Tango festival in Melbourne 2010,2011.

Jario and Amy (Tangueros the Argentine Tango Co.)

Tangueros the Argentine tango dance company is directed by performers and
teachers Jairo Sanchez Rivera and Amy Georgina Teuchert.

As one of Australia's most experienced tango dancers, Rivera founded
Tangueros in 2000, and the company now teaches, performs and choreographs
Tango Argentino, Vals and Milonga. Tangueros promotes the tango culture in
Australia through performances, open classes, hosting visiting artists from
Argentina, and taking part in cultural and promotional events. 

In 2004 Rivera choreographed "Satango -The Devil's Tango", an Australian
musical directed by Wayne Harrison, starring Simon Burke and Sharon

Since the beginning of their partnership in 2005 Rivera and Teuchert have
been invited to perform and teach at events across Australia and  N.Z.