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Limited places available

posted 16 Jan 2012, 03:05 by Alberto Cortez   [ updated 13 Feb 2012, 21:51 ]

Note that only 24 places in each class are available. This is to ensure that all participants will obtain the best possible learning from these great teachers.

Also, only 60 places are available to the performance milonga.

Get your tickets soon!

Workshop Descriptions

posted 16 Jan 2012, 03:01 by Alberto Cortez   [ updated 13 Feb 2012, 22:03 ]

All workshops will be held at 154 Liardet St, Port Melbourne.

Workshop 1: Thursday 22 -3-2012 from 7.00 pm till 8.30 pm

Tango Salon - Concepts of basics (Intermediate to Advanced) Embrace, floor craft, walking, ocho pivot, initiate-develop-resolve.

Workshop 2: Thursday 22-3-2012 from 8.45 pm till 10.15 pm 

Tango Salon – Multiple combination (Intermediate to Advanced) Change of direction, Walking giro, Sacada, Enrosque, Aguja (Needles), Pasada (Passing over), etc. Multiple combination)

Workshop 3:   Saturday 24 -3-2012 from 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm

Milonga in the 40s (Intermediate to Advanced) Elegant style, Simple, Sobrepaso (Change of steps), Corridita (Little run), Change of direction

Workshop 4: Saturday 24-3-2012 from 2.30 pm till 4.00 pm

Vals Cruzado (Intermediate to Advanced) Displacement walking, Displacement ocho, Giro and combination with floorcraft

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