Workshop Locations Finalised

posted 5 Mar 2013, 03:41 by Alberto Cortez

The workshops run for Roberto and Lam are now finalised to be held in two locations.
The Wednesday and Thursday classes will be held in the Liardet Community Centre, the same venue as we use for our usual classes and milonga.
The Friday and Saturday workshops will be held in Liardet street also, but over the road in the Port Melbourne Community Room.
This room is located through some yellow doors a little bit down from the supermarket, and up the stairs.
See the Classes page for a map of the locations.

Workshop Announcements

posted 24 Feb 2013, 00:40 by Alberto Cortez   [ updated 29 Jan 2014, 00:18 ]

Workshop 1
Liardet Centre
 Thursday 27-2-20147.00pm till 8.30 pmA Deep insight in "Tango de Salon": This will focus on walking with elegance, posture and embrace techniques as well as floor craft.
Workshop 2
Liardet Centre
 Thursday 27-2-20148.45 pm till 10.15 pm pm Integrating figure combinations: Change of direction, twist n' walk, pasadas, multiple combinations of tango salon.
Workshop 3
 Friday 28-2-20147.00 pm  till 8.30 pm
8.30 pm till late social
and tango challenge 
Advanced Tango: Track Control, Floor and Musicality using Pause.
Workshop 4
Liardet Centre

 Saturday 1-3-2014 12.30 pm till 2.00 pm Ladies and Gentlemen's Techniques:  Posture, body control and ornaments, * Men may also participate .
Workshop 5
 Saturday 1-3-20142.30 am till 4.00 pmVals Cruzado (Tango Vals):  Walking dezplazadas, Ochos Dezplazados, turns and combinations with floor craft .
The workshops are going to be at 154 Liardet St, Port Melbourne, the  Liardet Community Centre, and also at the Port Melbourne Community Room.
The Liardet Community Centre is the large hall where our milonga's are normally held, and where the usual Thursday classes are held. See the Classes page for map.
The Port Melbourne Community Room is directly opposite this, on the same road, but through a set of yellow doors and upstairs.

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