All 5 Workshops plus entry to the Milonga and a glass of champagne and performance, all included for only $100 or $35 per workshop.
The workshops will all be held at 154 Liardet St, Port Melbourne, the  Liardet Community Centre.
The Liardet Community Centre is the large hall where our milonga's are normally held, and where the usual Thursday classes are held. See the Classes page for map.
Workshop 1
8:000pm till 9:30pm
1- Review of basics: Posture, walking, ochos, balance and embellishments when walking.
2- Dynamics and rhythm: embellishments during suspensions and pauses.
3- Singing with the feet. Beautiful embellishments using dissociation and musicality.
4- Embellishments for milonga and vals.
Workshop 2
Thursday 1-Aug
7:00pm till 8:30pm
Intermediate level
1- Foundations. Musicality, walking and leading.

2- Ochos and basic turns.

3- Figures and combinations to create your own tango.
Workshop 3
Thursday 1-Aug
8:45pm till 10:00pm
Intermediate level
1- Abrazo, style and floor navigation. Sequence of a Grand Maestro. 

2- Turns following the line of the dance and cadencia. 

3- Improvisation. Elements to improve your creativity.
Workshop 4
Saturday 3-Aug
12:0pm till 1:30pm
Intermediate Level
1- Dancing to Di Sarli. Elements of Grand Maestros and style.

2- Dancing to rhythmical orchestras such as Biaggi and D´Arienzo.

3- Dancing to Pugliese. The most inspiring musician in the history of tango.

4 - New elements to complete the traditional style in parallel and crossed system.
Workshop 5
Saturday 3-Aug
1:45pm till 3:15pm
Intermediate level Milonga with Traspie

And don't forget the Milonga running on Saturday night starting from 8pm and where you can enjoy practicing your new skills and admire a performance by Alberto and Gladys.