...By Faith Alone

Northeast Ohio Speech and Debate Club

Sola Fide...
          Northeast Ohio Speech and Debate Club

Sola Fide is a local northeast Ohio speech and debate club, currently meeting in Chardon.  We welcome new members who are interested in learning more about speech and debate within the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA).  Experience is NOT necessary...only a willingness to learn and a diligent effort are needed to reap the many benefits of this public speaking opportunity!!

Sola Fide...by faith alone.

Debate camp information is available on the debate camps page.

We have received many inquiries as to whether we are conducting our speech and debate class this year, as well as general inquiries about speech and debate in Northeast Ohio.  Allow me to briefly answer the most common questions. 
  • We announced to our club families earlier this year that we will be taking a hiatus from the club for this season (2013-2014).  We may return next year - that has yet to be determined.  Please watch the website for more details around the spring/summer of 2014.
  • We are willing to help other clubs and groups to a limited extent.  We do have limited time, and since we don't get paid to do this, other things have priority (as you all will understand).  If you are interested in talking to us about your club, about us helping you or your club, or about NCFCA in Ohio, please contact the club coordinator.
  • We are affiliated with the NCFCA.  We do not participate in Stoa, CCO, ICC, or any other league.  If you wish to compete in one of these leagues, you need to find a club that is affiliated with the appropriate league.  However, we do have working relationships with other public speaking/public service organizations such as Toastmasters and can help students who wish to compete in events such as the American Legion's Oratorical Contest or the VFW's Voice of Democracy contest.
  • We do not provide contact information for club families to people from outside the club for any reason.  Our families have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and we will not violate their trust by disseminating their contact information without their expressed, written consent. 
  • Another aspect of the above answer is that non-club families cannot "poach" from club families.  If you ask us to connect you with a club family that is interested in competing in Team Policy debate, we will refuse.  Please respect our time and do not send us these requests.
  • It is possible for you to compete in leagues other than the NCFCA, but we cannot offer you any instruction in the rules of another league, the debate resolutions of another league, or the events that other leagues offer.  Additionally, we offer no endorsement or approval, whether expressed or implied, about the practices of other leagues or clubs.  We offer no guarantees and disclaim any civil or criminal liability for their actions and practices.

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Meetings/classes will resume in September to prepare for the upcoming competitive season, which will begin January 1, 2014.  Participation in competition is not mandatory to take part in the club but don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to do so after learning the ropes!  For more info on our group, please email the club coordinator.  Thanks for your interest in our club!

Speech Night 2013 will be held Friday, April 26, at CCF.  We will start promptly at 7:00 PM followed by light refreshments.  All interested parties are welcome to come, whether your family members are speaking, you are interested in joining our group next year, or simply would like to see Christian young people speak.


Evelyn Siu
Club Coordinator

Jody Cantey
NCFCA Region 6 Coordinator
To contact, please go to http://www.ncfca.org/index.cfm?i=12690&mid=26&fid=4110